What Is Root Clipping — The New Hair Hack Going Viral on TikTok

young, brown haired woman with voluminous hair smiling

Few are the lucky ladies born with naturally voluminous hair. The rest have to find additional methods to add volume to their curls and locks. Fortunately for you, doing that isn’t exactly rocket science. There are both heat and non-thermal ways to achieve a bouncy hairstyle, and root clipping is one of the latest trends that is going viral on TikTok.

What Is Root Clipping?

Root clipping is a simple technique that doesn’t use heat to naturally lift the hair from the roots by placing clips at strategic places. This technique is perfect for people with wavy and curly hair. Just put some clips near the scalp, at the roots after you wash your hair, and let it naturally air dry. Then, remove the clips, and voila, you have a more voluminous and defined hairstyle!

a woman with hair clips at the roots of her curly hair

The simplicity of this method isn’t its only strength, as it allows you to preserve the texture and length of your curls intact without using heat (a curling iron, a hairdryer, a straightener, etc.). You can do it anywhere, even when you’re traveling.

The Benefits of Root Clipping for the Hair

In addition to not causing heat damage, root clipping holds many other benefits, says Cédric, a celebrity hairstylist at Cédric Salon in Lotte New York Palace Hotel. He says it’s a safe and easy technique that lets you get volume, lift, and movement to your roots that lasts much longer than if you’ve had a blowout.

The way root clipping works is it locks the wet hair while the cuticle is open and malleable. As the hair dries, the cuticle closes, and that makes the hair less flexible, which helps it stay volumized until it gets wet again.

Woman with voluminous beach-wave hairstyle

Hairstylists recommend that you clip your hair when it’s about 70% dry. In other words, it shouldn’t be too dry, but you shouldn’t clip it right after you’ve come out of the shower either. Give it a try, and you’ll grow to love it like thousands of TikTokers have!