Dutch Restaurant Reveals the Most Expensive Burger in the World

The Golden Boy Burger

Not many pleasures amount to the simple joy of having a juicy burger to satiate your craving. Some burgers, however, cost a small fortune to enjoy. Ever wondered how much it would cost you to try the most expensive burger in the world? You no longer have to wonder because a Dutch restaurant recently revealed the hefty price tag of the most expensive burger in the world!

$5,650 for a Burger?

De Daltons is a Dutch diner that boasts a curious record — their Golden Boy burger is currently the most expensive hamburger on the planet. Priced at €5,000 (approximately $5,650), this beast of a burger does not come cheap. The previous record-holder was a 777-pound hamburger made by a restaurant in Oregon. Robert Jan de Veen, the owner of De Daltons, wanted to “do better than that,” and so the Golden Boy was born. The first burger has already been sold and the proceeds went to a local food bank.

Robbert Van de Veen with the Golden Boy
What’s In the Golden Boy?

Served on a platter of whiskey-infused smoke and packed with premium-quality ingredients, this burger is a treat to all senses. Featuring A5 Wagyu beef, beluga caviar, king crab, smoked duck egg mayo, vintage Iberico Jamon, Kopi Luwak coffee BBQ sauce, white truffle, pickled tiger tomato in Japanese matcha tea, and gold-coated buns infused with, wait for it, Dom Perignon.

the Golden Boy Burger inside an infuser

The only way to enjoy the intense and rich flavors of the burger is by eating it with your hands, says Robert. Because the buns are covered in gold leaves, you will be sporting golden fingers by the time you finish your Golden Boy.

an upclose shot of the Golden Boy burger

Even if you can afford it, getting your hands on one of these expensive burgers isn’t as easy as walking in and ordering it from the menu. Those who want to experience the Golden Boy burger have to make a booking two weeks in advance in addition to submitting a deposit of €750 (about $850).