Three DIY Island Ideas to Easily Transform Every Kitchen

A boho-styled kitchen island

It’s no secret that some of the most expensive home renovations are kitchens. A renovation project costs about $14,000 on average, and kitchen islands take up a significant amount of your furniture costs. If you’ve been dreaming of a Pinterest-like kitchen island but can’t afford to have one, it’s not all lost. In the spirit of DIY projects, there are a ton of ideas that you can make yourself on a shoestring budget. Let’s take a look at three of those!

1. DIY IKEA Hack Kitchen Island

Repurposed IKEA bookcases turned into a kitchen island
When it comes to budget-friendly solutions, IKEA always joins the conversation. The Swedish furniture company offers a range of affordable storage modules, which you can combine to build a simple kitchen island. For example, you can use one IKEA butcher block and three IKEA Billy Bookcases to build an awesome DIY island that has plenty of room for storage, from recipe books to scales and spices.

2. DIY Vintage School Desk Kitchen Island

a vintage desk repurposed as a kitchen island
A trip to the basement might be all you need to find the base of your dreamy kitchen island. If there’s an old school desk that you no longer use or an antique you can’t get yourself to sell, hold up. Add a fresh coat of paint, caster wheels if the structure allows it, and polish the wood, so it’s bright and shiny. Use the drawers for storage and the top as a countertop. Viola!

3. DIY Repurposed Bookcases Kitchen Island

Bookcases arranged as an addition to an already existing kitchen island
You can never have too much kitchen storage. One of the nifty ideas you can incorporate to make a DIY kitchen island is to use pieces of furniture you already have. You can take old bookcases, refinish them, and add them to your existing island to increase storage capacity or replace a damaged piece of furniture. You can buy furniture legs if you want to raise the bookcase higher, so it’s more comfortable for you to use.