This Chic Resort on a Secluded Hawaiian Island is the Perfect Getaway

Pineapple Island, Hawaii

If you’ve long been dreaming of a tranquil getaway somewhere in paradise, you’re in luck. Sensei Lanai, a Four Seasons Resort, might just be the thing for you. Located on a secluded Hawaiian island known as Pineapple Island, this resort is the ultimate destination for wellness and relaxation.

Explore a Little-Known Hawaiian Island

a pineapple stand
Pineapple Island is one of those destinations that are yet to be more widely known, which makes now the perfect time to go and explore it. With its breathtaking views, dramatic landscapes, and luxurious resorts, this Hawaiian island has something for everyone. Plus, it’s tranquil and secluded, which means no crowds and no stress for you. Whether you want to lounge at the pool or beach, relax at the spa, or take on one of the beautiful hiking trails, Pineapple Island will help hit those ‘pause’ and ‘recharge’ buttons, so you can feel invigorated and fresh once again.

Welcome to Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Four Seasons Resort Lanai
Four Seasons Resort Lanai offers the perfect blend between luxurious accommodations, breathtaking views, tropical surroundings, delicious cuisine (sourced from Sensei Farm), equine interaction, and nature exploration opportunities. If you’re a horseriding lover or would like to give it a try, head to Lanai Ranch, which is a short walk from the entrance of the resort, to meet the well-tended ponies, horses, and goats. They’re such a great attraction that the resort even recently hosted its first wellness retreat for women, led by equine coach Devon Combs, that focused on ”healing and awakening through horses.”

Lanai Ranch

If horses aren’t your thing, though, you can always head to the spa for a therapeutic massage and aromatherapy to help you cleanse your mind and body. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the 10 spas, each furnished with its own shower, steam room, teak bathtub, and relaxing outdoor area where you can find a hot tub, lush private garden, and cold plunge.

Taste the Local Cuisine

One Forty restaurant at Four Seasons Resort Lanai
Last but not least, what’s a good vacation without pampering your taste buds with the delicious flavors of the local cuisine? With Four Seasons Resort Lanai, you get to experience just that through the resort’s very own Sensei Farm, where food is locally grown and then locally prepared for you by skilled chefs. The beachfront restaurant offers so much more than delicious local food, though. It lets you enjoy your meal overlooking this beautiful Hawaiian island, securely tucked away from the mainstream tourist crowd. What can be better than that?