This New NYC Experience Recreates an Iconic 1930s Photo — Taking You 800 Feet in the Air and Rotating You Over the City

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The Rockefeller Center just revealed a great new attraction that flashes back to a photo from 1932. In the picture, construction workers are chilling on a tall building, having lunch while building 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Now, people can relive that moment by getting on a recreated beam on the 69th floor at the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. This new beam lifts people 12 feet above the regular observation deck.

Anyone Can Recreate the Beam Photo

Once people get on the beam and up in the air, it starts to spin around, giving an awesome view of the city from more than 800 feet up. It’s a chance to get a super unique photo, just like the famous one everyone knows.

The folks who own Rockefeller Center say this new attraction, called “The Beam,” is a big part of their plan to make the observation deck even cooler. The deck is famous for its awesome views of the city’s most famous spots. After checking out the deck, visitors can explore the rest of Rockefeller Center, which they say has been updated to be authentic and just as attractive as when it was first built almost 100 years ago.

Rockefeller Center With New Attractions

Visitors have to pay $25 to try out the Beam on top of the regular ticket for the Top of the Rock. This deal includes the experience and a digital photo. The regular ticket prices range from $40 to $55 for adults. The company is also planning to launch something else called the Sky Lift next year, where people will go up 30 feet above the 70th floor on a glass platform. It will certainly be a thrilling experience.

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Besides the Top of the Rock stuff, there’s lots to do around the Rockefeller Center in New York City. They’ve got a famous ice rink, and there’s a huge Christmas tree with 50,000 colorful LED lights that stays lit until 10 p.m. on January 13.

Use Roasted Veggies to Make Flatbread With Herbed Goat Cheese and Hot Honey

Enjoy an easy-to-make, healthy meal at any time of the day! It’s a go-to recipe because you can use any vegetable you want and add kicks and twists that will turn your flatbread into something spectacular! Everyone is in on a new craze about being healthy and still enjoying a touch of comfort food when they’re down, and this recipe will most certainly fit the bill for many people.

Flatbread with roasted vegetables and herbed goat cheese

Some Necessary Ingredients

The vegetables you can use for this flatbread recipe are pretty interchangeable, but some favorites that are perfect for it are red bell pepper, onions, and garlic. You can also add some chopped basil, capers, and arugula for a peppery bite. The hot honey you can drizzle on top adds an extra kick, which many might enjoy. The goat cheese spread adds a creamy, soothing texture and taste to the wholesome but healthy meal.

chopped veggies

Prep the Tasty Meal

The healthy part of the meal comes from using an oven instead of a pan for your veggies. Chop them into uniformed pieces to ensure they roast evenly, and pop them in the oven until they’re golden. While the veggies are roasting, use a bowl to mix the goat cheese with some herbs of choice until you have a creamy combination to spread on the bread. In the end, spread the seasoned cheese on the bread, add the veggies, and top it off with arugula, flaky sea salt, and the hot honey drizzle.

a home cook sharpening their knife befire cooking

Flatbread Prep and Cook Time

The prep time is quicker than people might think. Washing your veggies, chopping them up, and preparing all the rest of the ingredients will take you no longer than 10-15 minutes. Easy-peasy! The cooking time also wouldn’t surprise or frustrate those who want to cook something fast. It takes about 20 minutes to get everything cooked and ready to go. In 30 minutes, you can have a great, healthy meal in front of you!

A kitchen timer

If you’re looking for an easy meal you can customize and have everyone enjoy, you can try this tasty flatbread with roasted veggies and herbed goat cheese. You will enjoy the short time it takes to make, and the taste will blow you away!