A Small Town in Canada Has Crystal Blue Water Like the Caribbean

Some vacations take you to paradise right away, and some leave you chilling in the city amidst all the lights and city life. However, there are those vacations that surprise you! That’s how the trip of two friends felt when they visited a quaint little town in Canada. They were taken by the incredible scenery that made them feel like they were in the Caribbean.


The First Glances of Paradise

The two friends drove three hours outside of Toronto to Sauble Beach to visit the June Motel, with whose owners one of the girls had kept in touch after their makeover. They received an invite to visit the hotel once summer started and gladly accepted it. They arrived in Canada from two different destinations, but their friendship rekindled almost as fast as the quaint place overtook them!

Sauble Beach

Canada and Its Hidden Beauty

The evening they arrived, they were welcomed by a bonfire right outside the hotel, where the residents shared their stories until the late hours of the night, which made them feel as if they were back at school camp. When they woke up in the morning, breakfast was waiting, and they were off to more adventures. One of their memories was from a tour of 19th-century shipwrecks through a glass-bottomed sailing boat. The view was breathtaking, and they could’ve sworn they were in the Caribbean instead of the icy-cold north.

The June Motel

The Friends Rediscovered Themselves

They continued exploring the town of Tobermory, did the 500-mile Bruce Trail, returned to Sauble Beach, and ate some delicious food at the motel restaurant. The town wasn’t fully alive when they visited in late spring, but the two friends were happy with what the motel offered. They had their own hammock, lounge chairs by the pool, s’mores, and a camp fair that helped reignite their friendship!

Two women at the beach

The friends were more than pleased with their slow-paced vacation at the June Motel, even when they returned to the feel of the city. Their perfect trip to Canada helped them rediscover themselves and proved they could be happy anywhere. Be spontaneous and travel anywhere – they were surprised by the hidden beauty!