Bearaby Has Released a Weighted Blanket That Is Suitable for Travel

Until recently, traveling with a weighted blanket was not something many people would consider seriously, mainly because of the inconvenience. Still, some would opt to pack one because it reportedly helped with stress and anxiety issues. While there are promising studies that back that, most people would not take a 20-pound blanket to carry around just to save themselves some discomfort.

The Travel Napper Is a New Weighted Blanket That Weighs Just Ten Pounds

The Travel Napper promotional photo
A weighted blanket can be very useful on the road, but the very thing that makes it so useful also makes it difficult to travel with, and that is the weight. This is the problem that the Travel Napper addresses very effectively. Bearaby’s new product weighs about ten pounds and won’t weigh a traveler down. This makes it much lighter than most weighted blankets on the market, and while this reduces its effectiveness, it also makes it easier to carry. Reportedly, the blanket is heavy enough for comfort but light enough to get moving while carrying it.

The Travel Napper Weighted Blanket Comes With Its Own Duffel Bag

Bearaby’s new weighted blanket is light enough to walk around with, and the duffel bag makes a huge difference when it comes to how easy it is to carry it. The blanket is good for overnight trips or for people who need to stay over at someone else’s place. It has a thick woven design and doesn’t cause overheating problems.

The Travel Napper Weighted Blanket Duffel Bag

The Travel Napper was clearly designed for traveling and is meant to be used at airports and in cars, buses, or planes but is just as good for traveling from the living room to the bedroom and around the house. It is the lightest travel-friendly adult weighted blanket and measures 40 by 64 inches. It’s compact and provides Deep Touch Pressure, which is a form of tactile sensory input that is known to relax the body, reduce anxiety, and help with sleeping issues. It is certainly a good purchase for people who can’t wait to start traveling again and want to do so with comfort in mind.