Kate Hudson Has Shared a Delicious Avocado Smoothie Recipe

Recently, Kate Hudson shared her go-to foods during these trying times on the Avocado Show with Ella Dove. It turns out the actress favors roast chicken, sushi rice, and pasta, as well as her favorite avocado smoothie recipe. Hudson said she has definitely strengthened her cooking — she felt it had to be more consistent, so she decided to have more fun doing it.

Kate Hudson Whipped Up Her Favorite Avocado Smoothie In Front of the Camera

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson’s spin on the classic wellness drink looks delicious and comes with many nutritional benefits. One is that avocado is generally high in fiber and offers some protein as well. It also helps the body absorb vitamin D and is rich in magnesium which promotes healthier sleep. Hudson also uses alternative milk and a protein-rich, plant-based powder from her own brand of wellness products – inBloom.

Kate Hudson Has Recently Launched a New Beauty Supplement Brand – inBloom

While Kate made her avocado smoothie with her own inBloom powder, enthusiasts can prepare the drink with any other such supplement. About her new business, she said it was important for her to be involved in a business where she could make important decisions and have a say in how the work environment is being run.

Kate Hudson In a Promotional Image for Her New Beauty Supplement Brand – inBloom

The smoothie also gives a significant dose of plant-based calcium because of the spinach that is included in the recipe. It delivers some five percent of the recommended daily calcium intake. People who would like to boost the calcium in the smoothie Kate Hudson proposes; can also use kale. The final result is a flavorful, sweet drink with lots of vegetables and beneficial ingredients.

In total, Kate Hudson made her avocado smoothie with two cups of spinach, half a cup of pineapple, one avocado, one frozen banana, and the juice from one lime. She also added lime zest, fresh mint leaves, a pinch of sea salt, a tablespoon of maple syrup, a cup of plant milk, her inBloom vegan protein powder, and some ice cubes. To complete the drink, Kate blended everything together until reaching perfect smoothness.