An Easy Way to Make a Japanese 7-Eleven Egg Salad Sandwich

Food enthusiasts around the world like to recreate dishes offered at popular locations like KFC or 7-Eleven, and a new recipe has recently surfaced. One man’s desire to recreate a famous Japanese 7-Eleven egg salad sandwich has given the world an easy way to access this dish without leaving the house. The key ingredients seem to be Kewpie mayonnaise and fluffy Japanese milk bread.

Kewpie Mayo and Fluffy Milk Bread Are Crucial for the Sandwich

Egg Salad Sandwich

People visiting Japan who would go to a 7-Eleven will quickly realize that there are major differences between the products offered there and anywhere else in the world. The egg salad sandwich is one such great example of a stunningly tasty product. The recipe there is made with Kewpie mayonnaise made with only egg yolks, rice, or apple cider vinegar, together with a fluffy Japanese milk bread. The most noticeable difference is the ratio of whites to yolks.

The sandwich is made on fluffy milk bread with a yolk-heavy, creamy salad served with a few spare chunks of whites. While the American version uses lesser mayonnaise products, in Japan they apply Kewpie mayo. So, people who want to taste the difference can now do so by preparing the dish at home.

The Eggs for the Sandwich Must Be Separated and Prepared Individually

Separating yolks from whites

Enthusiasts should first get a medium saucepan of water and boil it over medium-high heat. The eggs should be lowered in there carefully with a slotted spoon and cooked in the boiling water for 11 minutes. Then, the eggs should be removed again with a slotted spoon. Now, the eggs can be plunged into a bowl filled with ice water, cooled for 15 minutes, and peeled with care. When the eggs are ready, they should be split open by hand, and the yolks and whites should then be separated. The yolks should go in a medium bowl to be mashed with the back of a fork until they are broken down into chunks. The whites should be chopped finely and placed into a small bowl.

The Mixture for the Sandwich Should Not Be Too Chunky or a Paste

The mayo, salt, sugar, and pepper should be mashed with the yolks and stirred gently until the mixture is combined and at least some chunks remain. The mixture should not be stirred to a paste nor remain too chunky. Now, half of the chopped egg whites can be added to the new yolk mixture. The whites should be folded into the yolk mixture and left to chill for an hour.

Egg Sandwich Paste

When an hour passes, the chilled egg mixture should be stirred with cream and seasoned with salt to taste and then set aside. Now, butter should be spread evenly over the side of each bread slice, and the egg salad should be added to the top slice. The other slice should be placed on top, and the sandwich should be cleared of crust and cut diagonally in half for two triangles.