3 Y2K Trends That Are Making a Strong Comeback This Year

Destiny's Child in the early 00's

The sartorial era of the early ‘00s that has largely been defined by short fly zippers and even shorter hemlines has always ‘enjoyed’ a bad reputation. And although fashion loves to hate certain Y2K trends, they somehow manage to resurface and look cool again. Then again, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid can easily make anything look cool. Check out the three Y2K trends that are back in the spotlight in 2021.

1. Monochrome Micro Mini Sets

Hailey Bieber wearing a lilac-colored mini set on the street
You may remember Beyoncé’s era of wearing monochrome two-piece outfits from two decades ago, but even if you don’t, Hailey Bieber is making them cool again. Ever since her recent trip to France, where she sported a lilac-colored micro mini set, fans on TikTok have been going nuts trying to recreate the look. And when Hailey Bieber wears something and social media responds, it’s a recipe for a ‘new’ fashion trend!

2. Butterfly Motifs Are Back, Too

singer Dua Lipa wearing a butterfly Versace dress at the 2021 Grammys afterparty
Although not the brightest of trends from the Y2K era, butterfly mania is still one of its most memorable moments. In the early ‘00s, both Salma Hayek and Mariah Carey wore Emanuel Ungaro’s sequin butterfly top and sent fans on a hunt for similar designs. Fast forward to 2021, when Dua Lipa decided to revive the trend with her butterfly Versace dress at the Grammys afterparty. TikTok-favorite brand Blumarine even released a collection of butterfly-related garments as a result.

3. The Most Polarizing Y2K Trend of All: Low Rise Jeans

Bella Hadid stepping out wearing low rise jeans and a white tank top
Now, if you remember anything from the Y2K era, it is low-rise jeans. Some loved them, others hated them, but at some point, all wore them. For years, it seemed like that was one trend that’ll never see the light of day again… until Bella Hadid took it out of the closet. She’s been spotted wearing low-rise pants and jeans on multiple occasions, and it seems like silhouette is quickly becoming one of her signature looks.