5 Wedding Fashion Trends 2024 Brides, Grooms, and VIPs Shouldn’t Overlook

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Wedding fashion trends will never stop evolving. As we enter the new year, brides-to-be are probably wondering what will be popular in 2024. From floral motives to glamorous party dresses, here’s what this new year has to offer for brides, grooms, and VIPs, according to experts. Let’s take a look!

Enchanted Garden Florals

Floral motives might not be a new concept, but they’ll stand out in 2024. The trend is called “Enchanted Garden” and can be incorporated into any outfit.

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Whether it’s your mom’s ensemble, bridesmaid outfits, or your wedding dress, floral will look great. But let’s not forget about the grooms. Adding a floral print to their suit or tie will add a touch of joyfulness.

Classic Bridal Wedding Dresses

Traditional wedding dresses will never go out of style, and many brides still go for them as they are tried and true. A conventional dress looks authentic and simplistic and makes the bride stand out.

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Of course, experts are expecting to see some modern twists on the classic bridal gown in 2024, such as customizable accessories. They will make the dresses more versatile and unique.

Bold Party Pieces

Bold party pieces have also made their way to the list of 2024 wedding trends. They are perfect for brides who want to experiment with their style and express their unique personality.

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Two-piece sets and sequined dresses can give any wedding ceremony a different vibe and showcase the bride’s individuality and sense of fun.

Universal Wedding Suits

Just like party pieces, suits will also be a hit in 2024. As fashion is becoming more and more gender-neutral, a bride rocking a suit at her wedding is a genius idea that will make a statement.

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It will allow brides to get creative and mix and match different pieces. Plus, they’ll feel super comfortable while still looking sophisticated. Another fun idea is to turn this into a dress code for your wedding.

Detailed Menswear Looks

2024 will be the year when men will get heavily involved in their wedding and pay extra attention to their style. The first step is to find a suit that fits perfectly, and it’s all about proper tailoring. Another trend will be colorful suits in green, pink, and floral patterns. The shirts, ties, and shoes must also be on point.

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Now it’s time for accessories. Hats, necklaces, and rings will be the perfect finish to a well-crafted suit. Boutonnières and luxury watches are also worth considering. Overall, details should not be ignored.

What to Expect From the Industrial Piercing Process and Aftercare

Having multiple ear piercings has been an active trend for years. If done right, it can certainly look very appealing, fun, and free. However, getting new piercings means investing time in active care and helping the healing process. Anyone who’s considering getting an industrial piercing should take a few things into careful consideration before booking an appointment.

Woman with industrial piercing Industrial Piercing and Its Appeal

An industrial piercing is a barbell that passes through the ear cartilage. Because of the way they run across the upper ear, they’re also called scaffolding piercings. Two holes are made, one on each side of the cartilage, to accommodate the barbell. There are many types of designs and styles when it comes to earrings that suit these piercings, from stunning gold and bejeweled barbells to two rings connected by a chain, and much more. It’s certainly a fresh and modern look for those who enjoy ear bling.

Woman with industrial piercing, close-up Things to Consider

Although pain is subjective and everyone has a different threshold, it’s important to note that cartilage piercings tend to be more painful than lobe piercings. Not to mention that an industrial piercing requires two holes to be made. While a well-trained professional will make the process as quick and painless as possible, one can still expect an intense pinch. Cartilage piercings take longer to heal than regular piercings, but they will get better with proper care. Typically, one must be diligent about cleaning and careful with these piercings for six months to a year.

Industrial Piercing earring The Healing and Aftercare Process

Talk to your chosen expert about the best products to use when it comes to cleaning your new industrial piercing. There are several great brands of aftercare piercing sprays on the market that’d definitely come in handy. The piercings should be kept dry, and clean, and shouldn’t be touched. One must be careful with sleeping positions, as putting pressure on the piercings can cause swelling.