Taylor Swift Breathes New Life Into 2011’s Hipster Aesthetic on a Girl Dinner Date

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As 2000s fashion trends slowly start making a comeback, Taylor Swift surprised us with her little throwback hipster moment on a recent dinner date night with her girlfriends. The singer looked classy and elegant in her simple ensemble, showing that she’s clearly living her 2011’s-girl era.

Taylor Swift’s Throwback Moment

On November 13, during a girl gathering, Taylor was seen in a stylish fall outfit that gave out major throwback vibes. The singer had gone for a simple white slip dress and had put a navy blue peacoat on top. To go with her ensemble, Swift had added a mini olive green shoulder bag.

For shoes, she had chosen a pair of reddish-brown heeled loafers. Due to the fall weather, the “Blank Space” writer also put on sheer black tights, which are both functional and stylish, taking the outfit up a notch. It’s always important to keep warm, especially in New York City this time of year!

Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Taylor Swift and her squad can often be spotted on dinner dates in New York City. This time, she was accompanied by her friend and fellow singer, Gracie Abrams. Gracie has been one of the opening artists for the Eras Tour. She had chosen a more tomboy-ish look. Her ensemble included dark gray trousers, black loafers with white socks, a khaki jacket, and a small black bag.

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The two ate at Freeman’s, a restaurant on Manhattan’s Lower East Side known for being a “hip spot.” Taylor is often seen hanging out with fellow singers and celebrities as well as supporting her friends, whether it be attending their shows or hosting them at her home, especially if they’re not as famous as she is. She’s truly the gift that keeps on giving, both musically and friendship-wise.