The Popcorn Tops From the ‘90s Are Making a Strong Comeback

Young woman wearing a colorful popcorn top

If there is one word that can summarize the majority of recent and upcoming fashion trends, it would be nostalgia. From mini skirts to low-rise jeans and butterfly prints, the Y2K style revival is still going strong. As millennials revisit old fashions and feel like high schoolers all over again, designers around the globe race to add these trends to the runway. Naturally, it was time for popcorn tops to re-emerge once more.

Popcorn Tops… and Dresses, Leggings, and Even Bags

Because of its texture, the so-called popcorn fabric is instantly recognizable. Contemporary designers openly embraced the trendy fabric from the ‘90s and early ‘00s and went a step further. They not only revived the beloved popcorn tops, but they also used the fabric to make statement-making puckered dresses, leggings, and bags.

Marine Serre Spring 2022

French designer Marine Serre was one of the first to incorporate popcorn fabrics into a modern collection. For her Spring 2022 lineup, Serre offered a beautiful collection of printed dresses, bodysuits, and gloves, all made of wrinkly fabric. The designer didn’t stop there — she played with color and prints to create the ultimate show-stopper effect.

Fashion East’s Chet Lo soon followed suit and offered a collection of mini skirt sets and halter-neck dresses in bold colors paired with massive bags in bubble-like textures.

It’s All Thanks to TikTok

Dua Lipa wearing a purple popcorn top
Much like the revival of other Y2K fashions, the return of popcorn tops is largely due to TikTok. It’s the one place where Zoomers continue to rediscover fashion staples from the past decades and make them trendy again. Thrift stores and online marketplaces like Depop further contribute to these nostalgic fashion revivals by offering authentic clothes from that era. What’s more, celebrities like Dua Lipa have already embraced the popcorn look, which only means one thing — popcorn tops are here, and they’re here to stay.