There Are Certain Things People Should Never Wear to a Wedding

a wedding ceremony

A wedding is something beautiful – a ceremony that starts a brand new chapter for two people in love. Those who choose to celebrate with close friends and family usually make a big deal about every detail being perfect. That includes the dress code for those involved in the ceremony and those who will be attending. If you dare to wear something unconventional or anti-traditional, that might set off the bride and maybe even put a damper on the day, you’ll be responsible for having a negative effect on the wedding. So avoid these fashion styles when attending such an important event.

Only the Bride Wears White

Don’t make the mistake of wearing white, off-white, or even the palest blue to someone else’s special day! That’s a big no-no. The color white is mainly reserved for the bride, and the bride alone, unless there is a specific dress code for the guests. Don’t take attention away from her by wearing the same color. If you want to wear something light, try a neutral tone that doesn’t coincide with white in any way.

Steer Clear of Wedding Party Colors

Another fashion decision that might put a damper on the bride and groom’s wedding day is if you match the colors worn by the bridal party. Most brides have specific colors in mind for the bridesmaids and groom. So, if you want to avoid stares from everyone, find out the colors of those in the bridal party and sidestep them.

Don’t Favor Being Too Casual

Weddings are usually more formal than most parties, so the attire is expected to be along sophisticated lines. You have every day to be casual – maybe when you’re attending a special occasion you could up the ante and try something a bit more formal than your everyday dresses and other attire.

Don’t Overdo the Glam

When two people are about to tie the knot at their wedding, they should be the ones everyone focuses on at the ceremony, and no one should try and outdo them. Try to avoid attire that is too sparkly or too glamorous. After all, everyone’s eyes should be focused on the two lovebirds, not on the guests.

A wedding is something many people look forward to, especially if it’s someone close to them getting married. But everyone must remember the bride and groom are the two most important people in the room. You should adhere to the requested dress code, if any, not overdo or underdo it, and enjoy the two people celebrating their love!

Three Home Decor Trends That Don’t Age Well According to Designers

A fresh interior design in whites and shades of green

When it comes to decorating a home, people often turn to the latest styles and try to combine what’s modern and available with their specific vision. Is it even possible to go wrong when making interior decorating decisions? According to several notable designers, it certainly is, and these are the three fleeting trends that they advise homeowners to avoid.

Avoid Patterned Tiles

A wall of patterend tiles Accenting a wall or floors using tiles with an intricate pattern can produce a bold and interesting look. However, tiles can break over the years and trends change. If your chosen pattern goes out of style and out of production in the meantime, it can be exceedingly difficult to find suitable replacements. You could end up having to retile the entire wall or floor. Choose single-colored tiles instead and you can combine them in any way to achieve a similarly interesting look!

Rethink Investing in Marble

A kitchen countertop made of marble Yes, marble looks amazing with its stunning patterns and sleek surface. There is a downside. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and cook on a daily basis, it’s important to know that marble can chip, scratch, and get stained. While it is possible to have marble countertops refinished, that just means you will be facing high maintenance costs. If you want the same look but more durability and resistance, go with granite or quartz instead of marble!

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Trends are Gone

A wall to wall carpeting interior in gray It’s true that carpeting adds a lot of comfort and warmth underfoot, but they also have many downsides. If you choose white carpeting, the look won’t last very long as they get stained easily and are difficult to maintain, especially if you have pets or toddlers. Also, carpets have a tendency to gather dust and spread allergens throughout the room. This is why wall-to-wall carpeting trends have gone out the window. Area rugs that can be sent off to the cleaners periodically are a much better option.