The Monica Haircut Is Back in Style — Here’s How to Do It

Monica and Rachel in 'Friends'

Though Jennifer Aniston’s recognizable “Rachel” haircut may be back in style, she’s not the only Friend to provide some very envious hairstyle ideas. The “Monica” haircut hasn’t received nearly as much attention as it should, given that it has all the necessary elements of a smash-hit style: layers, slinky length, and significant volume. It’s on track to soar if you add in the nostalgic vibe of the 1990s that continues to dominate most beauty trends.

The Iconic Monica Haircut Is Back!

What is Monica’s haircut, then? Focus on Courteney Cox’s outstanding hairstyle between Friends seasons one and two. It progresses from a lengthier midi, collarbone-length version to a textured choppy bixie, a bob meets pixie hybrid with a jaw-length cut and layers at the top.

The Iconic Monica Haircut

Additionally, it pays homage to the coastal flick hairstyle trend that expert hairdresser Tom Smith foresaw becoming popular for fall (and also serves up cozy vibes). The coastal grandma look that’s currently popular has served as inspiration for the midi flick. It has that blow-dried, mid-length, slightly housewife-like, flicky look.

“Rules Are Fun!”

Furthermore, it’s often fashioned collarbone-length with a flick at the bottom and turned over at the top, with loads of volume. Both Rachel’s and Monica’s haircuts have more rounded shapes because of their shorter lengths and styling methods. Just make sure you have a hair dryer for added body and a barrel brush. In Monica’s famous words, “Rules are fun!” and Monica’s haircut has become all the rage.

Friends - Season 1

Celebrities are also participating in this newest trend, with Sarah Hyland unintentionally embracing the craze earlier this year. She shared a video on Instagram in June with the caption “Took out my extensions and realized my hair had grown into a Monica haircut. Needless to say, I am very excited about this.” An increasing number of fans are also extremely excited about her new haircut.