How to Do the Modern Topknot From TikTok on Any Hair Type

Different hair styling trends have been going viral on TikTok. From the ‘90 messy bun to bangs, you can see various styles and ways to do your hair. With the summer heat, it’s no surprise that many of us are looking for cute and comfortable hairstyles that involve getting our hair out of our faces. TikTok has what you need — the modern topknot that everyone is doing lately! Let’s see what it’s all about.

TikTok Topknot

The TikTok Topknot to Try

Compared to your regular bun that involves just putting your hair up without even looking and tying it, this topknot has a few more steps to it. The result is more polished and wearable. The celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton went viral on TikTok for his take on the casual updo and later, Sam McKnight took to Instagram to show how it’s done on Gigi Hadid. The style is not brand new but in 2022, it features face-framing tendrils, spiky ends, and a deep middle parting. It doesn’t involve a hair sponge like a few years back, but there are a few small hacks to use to keep the hair in place.

Gigi Hadid wearing a topknot

Topknot for the Curly Hair

One of the TikTok creators, @lian.vng, pinpointed Kendall Jenner as the inspiration for this hairstyle. In the video the creator shared, she starts with a “week-old hair” to give the topknot more hold. She also applied styling cream from the mids to the ends of the hair. She then parted her hair in the middle and left two front sections of the hair out. The rest of the hair is then brushed back into a simple twisted bun and secured with a hair tie. She then said to put Gorilla Snot in the front two sections and with a hard bristle brush, the hair should be brushed all the way to the back and secure the sections to the bun with a bobby pin or wrap them around the bun and put another hair tie to keep them in place.