Meghan Markle Honors Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour Dress Code

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were recently spotted at Beyoncé’s LA concert, along with Doria Ragland, at SoFi Stadium on September 1st. Keep reading to find out what Meghan wore and if Harry followed the dress code.

Meghan Markle Honors Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour Dress Code
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Beyoncé’s Concert

The royals were accompanied by Meghan Markle’s mother Doria Ragland. After photos of the concert were revealed, the Duchess of Sussex was seen dressed in a white tank top and sparkling silver skirt. Her mother was recording the performance while wearing a silver halter top to match her daughter.

Disco silver was the dress code of the Renaissance World Tour since the first concert in May. Beyoncé recently shared in an Instagram story that she was having a great time during the tour, and in honor of her birthday on September 4th, her birthday wish was to celebrate with her fans by wearing silver outfits to the shows.

Did Harry Follow the Dress Code?

Did Harry Follow the Dress Code?

Meghan Markle and her mother apparently got the point, but Prince Harry must have missed Beyoncé’s request. He was wearing a gray shirt and a blazer paired with white pants. But hey, gray is pretty much silver but less sparkly, right?

Meghan has been a Beyoncé fan for years. Idris Elba even played her music at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding in 2018. Beyoncé also paid respect to Markle as she and Jay-Z recorded their BRIT Award acceptance speech for Best International Group in front of a portrait of Meghan in 2019. She also posted a photograph of the moment and congratulated the Duchess on her first pregnancy.

The two met for the first time at the London premiere of Disney’s live-action Lion King remake in July of 2019, and that’s when their beautiful friendship bloomed.

Lindsay Lohan Recreated an Iconic Photo With Dakota Lohan

Many people remember the fun family film that was The Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan. While on the set, back in 1998, Lindsay and her brother, Dakota, took an iconic snap in front of Big Ben. This year, the actress shared a recreation of that photo side-by-side with the original on Instagram in honor of the 23rd birthday of the movie.

Lindsay Lohan playing twins Hallie Parker and Annie James in The Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan on The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap is a Disney classic that just so happened to be the big-screen debut for Lindsay Lohan. Only 11 years old at the time, Lindsay played twins Hallie Parker and Annie James in the movie. The two main characters have a chance meeting at summer camp where they first find out about each other’s existence. The identical twins switch places before heading home and attempting to get their mother and father back together.

Lindsay Lohan and her brother Dakota Lohan in London - original picture and the recreation.

The Photo Recreation Sparked Emotions

Lindsay (36) and her brother Dakota (26), recreated their iconic photo from 1998. In the original, the two were standing in front of Big Ben with Lindsay holding her brother in her arms. In the recreated photo, the siblings are at the same spot in London, with a now-grown Dakota holding Lindsay. The actress posted the photos side-by-side with a ‘now and then’ caption and a hashtag tagging The Parent Trap. Another throwback to the movie by Lindsay was done earlier this year when she took part in a TikTok challenge that featured one of the iconic lines from the movie.

Lindsay Lohan

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

As this year marks the 23rd birthday of The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan left a sweet message on the Instagram post of Nancy Meyers, movie director. Meyers was the one that cast Lindsay in the twin role for the movie. Meyers noted the movie’s anniversary in her post and thanked everyone for the love that project got over the years. In her comment, Lohan thanked Nancy for the opportunity of a lifetime.