Jennifer Lopez Just Did a Very Public Fashion Faux Pas in Venice

Jennifer Lopez at the 91st Academy Awards

Fashion mishaps happen all the time, but it’s when they happen to Jennifer Lopez that everyone starts paying attention. The starlet looked positively stunning at this month’s Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Venice. However, fans and paparazzi alike noticed a curious detail in her outfit that had everyone staring.

Jennifer Lopez Channeled Italian Princess Vibes

For the much-anticipated fashion show in Venice by Dolce & Gabbana, Lopez wore a jewel-encrusted corset, a cape in a floral pattern, and high-waisted floral pants that finished off her modern yet reminiscent look. The cape was delicately draped all the way down to the floor, thus creating a somewhat royal silhouette that J Lo absolutely rocked. The only problem? When the wind picked up, it turned out that she had forgotten to remove the price tag from the gorgeous avant-garde cloak.

Jennifer Lopez wearing Dolce & Gabbana at the brand's Venice show

Jen Was Unfazed by the Mishap

Most mishaps happen quickly — this one didn’t. As Lopez was heading to the event through a very Venetian-style water taxi, the wind decided to play around with her wardrobe and reveal the hefty price tag of her cape. Whether she failed to notice or was completely unfazed by the faux pas, we can only imagine because Jennifer Lopez was nothing but stunning as she stepped on St. Mark’s Square, greeting fans and photographers with grace and a 24-carat smile. The label was hanging from her cape the entire time and, soon enough, people seemed less invested in the mishap as they were completely mesmerized by her gorgeous look.

Jennifer Lopez while boarding the water ski in Venice with her coat label hanging in the wind

Lopez finished off her outfit with a gold sparkly tiara and a wedding-style updo. She slipped on a pair of to-die platform sandals that were beautifully embellished with pearls and crystals to match the pattern of her clothing. She completed the look with a gold top-handle bag.

What can we say? If Jennifer Lopez can’t be bothered by a small wardrobe mishap, why should we? It’s the attitude that matters.

Tips for Taking Care of a Shamrock Plant the Proper Way

Shamrock plant

Thinking about picking up a lovely shamrock plant also known as a three-leaf clover to decorate your home with? With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, it’s certainly the perfect time! It’s important to know how to properly care for this new addition to your household. Read on to see everything you need to know about caring for your shamrock plants!

The Origin of the Shamrock Plant Name

a shamrock plant up close This lovely plant got its name from the Irish word seamróg which means young clover. It’s commonly associated with the holiday St. Patrick’s day and is the symbol of Ireland. It’s said that St. Patrick viewed the shamrock as a representation of the holy trinity because of its three leaves. In the 1800s, it had medical uses, but today, it’s viewed as a symbol of good luck.

How to Care for a Shamrock

shamrock The shamrock plant likes indirect, bright light, so it’s best to keep it near a south or west-facing window out of direct sunlight. Let the soil dry completely between waterings to avoid overwatering and drain the water from the drainage plate. It’s good to use a liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks while the plant is flowering. What’s interesting about shamrock is that it absolutely thrives when it’s overcrowded, so don’t worry about replanting it or thinning it out at any point.

Tips to Keep in Mind

If you want to keep shamrocks as outdoor plants, keep in mind that they thrive in warm climates. If the plant looks like it’s dying, it might just be in its offseason. It’s perennial and grows from a bulb, so cut off the dead portions and wait for it to regrow in the next growing season. Keep this plant away from pets because it contains oxalic acids that can be harmful to your pets’ kidneys if consumed in large quantities.