Be Unique This Holiday Season – Try Out Some Fancy New Trends

People tend to jump to oversized, warmer, cozier clothes when approaching the winter season, but maybe we should break from the shell and think of something new. There are some fabulous trends to try this cold season to help you undoubtedly stand out! It inevitably gets old going out only in warm sweaters and cozy pants all the time. You might be opposed to the idea at first, but there’s nothing wrong with trying something new – you mind find it invigorating!

Sparkle – Wear Fancy Pants

You can try something new and exciting this holiday season – some fancy pants! As seen with many designers and their trends in clothing, a lot of sparkling pants or pants with feathers on the bottom are coming out on the podium! Try something different – everyone will notice! Showing up at a party or holiday gathering with sparkly pants will turn everyone’s head!

Neon as a Highlight in Trends

Til now, the predominant colors worn during the winter season were mainly neutral tones such as beige, baby hues, browns, whites, and other bland colors. This season you can stand out with a neon color! Wear all neon and wow everyone around you with this stylish trend! It might seem a bit too bold for some, but why not be bold this season? Lighten up the grey days with something brighter!

Skirt Sets Are In

Maybe you haven’t seen skirt sets as something you’d wear daily or on special occasions. Maybe, you’ve seen this piece of clothing as uncomfortable or not something that’s ‘in’ with the latest fashion tendencies. But now, the skirt sets are back! Try two-piece sets, long or short, and you’ll change your point of view about them! And it’s a lot easier to put on a skirt set because it already matches. You don’t have to spend hours trying in vain to match the skirt to the top and vice versa!

Shiny Bags Equals Perfection

Imagine showing up at a party with a sparkling bag around your wrist. You would certainly turn heads. If you follow trends in the clothing and accessory industry, you should know that designers heavily rely on tiny, sparkling bags to uplift otherwise normal clothing!

Wear Some Colorful Gems

Designers want to show everyone they can feel like royalty by adorning colorful gems around their necks, wrists, or fingers. You would certainly uplift the ordinary clothes you may pick for a party if you have a gorgeous, colorful ring on your finger. And if you want to be even more unique, you can opt for a heart-shaped stone or something a little different!

Many people find it crucial to keep up with all sorts of clothing and accessory trends, and this winter, things are certainly heating up! Instead of wearing the same old natural tones, simple jewelry, and comfortable, all-fitting bags – try some new, exciting styles to make the season sparkle!

Diamond Experts on the New Engagement Ring of Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a stunning green diamond ring. The singer once wrote in her newsletter that this color is particularly symbolic and she considers it to be her lucky color. She also commented that many amazing things have happened in her life when she was wearing green.

About the Stunning Ring

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Two diamond experts have looked into the ring and they say that finding a natural green diamond is very rare. One of them explained that red is the rarest type of diamond and green comes second to it. There’s only a small amount of green diamonds that come on the market every year and they are almost never in this vivid green color and this size.

Another expert confirmed that green diamonds are truly rare but not as rare as pink diamonds. They also said that this green is very vivid and large but still smaller than the pink diamonds that they have seen so far. Although it’s hard to see the real color of the ring, it’s said to be a vivid green. However, even from the blurry shots, the experts say that it’s an exceptional piece of jewelry with a truly rare stone.

Jennifer Lopez Got a Unique Diamond

One of the experts explained that the unique green color comes from the exposure to natural radiation deep within the Earth, once the diamonds have formed, this causes them to reflect green light. It’s quite rare for this to get through the whole rough diamond and that’s why it’s usually just a thin layer on the surface of it. This is what makes green diamonds extremely hard to cut and it could have taken well over a year to plan how to cut the diamond so it reflects the best color and has the best cut possible. But a lady like Jennifer Lopez certainly deserves this type of jewelry, doesn’t she?