Here Are the Top 5 Hair Clips and Barrettes to Instantly Elevate Any Hairstyle

Top 5 Hair Clips & Barrettes to Instantly Elevate Any HairstyleAlthough we all have 24 hours in the day, it can often be impossible to squeeze in half an hour to fix up our hair. That’s where hair clips and barrettes come in to save the day and instantly transform an otherwise plain or boring hairstyle into a chic hairdo. Check out these beautiful five clips and barrettes that will help you go from ‘blah’ to ‘yes, please!’ in under a minute!

French Hairpins Do Wonders

Claw clips and hair barrettes are back in style, but they’re far from everything that is making a comeback this season. French hairpins like these gorgeous Yitexin Vintage Metal U-shaped Hairpins are a fantastic choice to spice up your hairstyle with a few simple touch-ups. Whether you are prepping for a night out with the girls or an office party, tuck a few strands away from your face with these French hairpins, and you’re ready to sparkle!

Thin Hair Clips for a Chic Finish

If you’re a fan of flat-iron waves and other low-key hairstyles that bring just the right amount of carefree chic, you definitely need to add thin hair clips to the mix. The Marble Bobby Pin Set is an absolute must. You can find them for as little as $9 for a pack of four clips. You can use them as a simple hair-parting tool or add them to your regular updo to make it more festive and elegant.

Blow-Dry Clips FTW!

Blow-dry clips can easily fall into the category of essential hair accessories. Although they are visually striking, they have many other benefits, too. As the name suggests, blow-dry hair clips are your best friend when you’re blow-drying your hair and don’t want to create those annoying dents or creases that regular clips make in the process. These kitsch blow-dry clips are a great choice when you want to combine practicality with a gorgeous twist.

How About a Wavy Hair Slide?

Although it may look suspiciously similar to that old-school hair clip you have in your purse, this Ficcare Ficcarissimo Hair Clip by Alba has a slightly wavy design that offers a dash of excitement — perfect for an instant hairstyle improvement. For maximum effect, pick a dark color if you have fair hair and a lighter color if you’re a brunette. Contrasting the color will help make the curved design pop up more.

Acrylic Barrettes Are a Timeless Classic

Although they floundered in obscurity for a few years, acrylic barrettes are finally back in the spotlight, and for good reason! Prepare to be the talk of the town (or just the office) when you snap on these gorgeous acrylic barrettes by Cridoz. They are fun, whimsical, and the perfect statement accessory to help you go from dull to exciting in a matter of seconds. They work for virtually any hairstyle, and if you get different sets, you’ll always have something to go with your outfit.

In addition to these five trendy clips and barrettes, it’s also a must to keep a set of classic black hair clips on you wherever you go. You know, in case you need to accessorize on the go and don’t want to rely on that old bobby pin at the bottom of your purse.