Curtain Bangs: A Style for Every Hair Texture and Face Shape

Dakota Johnson with curtain bangs

If you’re looking for a simple but stunning hairstyle for the summer, why not consider going to your favorite stylist and requesting curtain bangs? It might sound risky but many stylists stand behind this lovely long fringe being suitable for every face shape and being able to work with any hair type. That’s easy to confirm by looking at all the different celebrities, like Dakota Johnson, that have been rocking the curtain fringe!

A Style That Screams Individuality

blong woman with curtain bangs

If you want an easy way to elegantly frame your face, curtain bangs are an excellent choice, as long as they’re done right! Very versatile, they can hang loose and elevate an updo or a short hairstyle or give more shape to loose long hairstyles. They’re a good way to ease into a fringe and give your hair a more dynamic shape. They ooze individuality as they can be styled in many different ways for a subtle, crisp, or outspoken look.

What Curtain Bangs Are

woman with curly curtain bangs

Imagine curtains tied to the side, gently obscuring the edges of the windows and elevating their appearance. That’s precisely what this type of fringe is meant to do. It’s designed to create a bespoke, soft frame that highlights the cheekbones and eyes. Although it’s meant to be flattering to one’s bone structure, it’s important to give the look careful consideration before the first cut. Some people don’t like the feeling of hair touching their face or they need a more practical hairstyle. It’s also worth mentioning that bangs require frequent trimming and more maintenance overall.

Creating This Hairstyle

Woman cutting her bangs

You want to make sure that your new curtain fringe is all you’ve imagined. That’s why it’s best to put the scissors down and visit your preferred professional hairstylist. Have a conversation about curtain bangs and the iteration that would best suit your face, hair type, and lifestyle. Do some research and try to understand your face shape to give yourself realistic expectations and a clear idea of how this style would look on you.

Maintaining and Styling

hair brushes

For straight and wavy hair, shape the bangs while your hair strands are still wet. Blowdry the hair straight down and then use a vertically-held round brush to flick the hair up. For longer curtain bangs that touch the cheeks, use a larger round brush, maximize volume by blowing the hair forward and then blow the ends back and out. If you have curly hair, let it dry naturally and shape the strands by making a finger coil to separate the curls.