Introducing This Summer’s Popular Girl Cut: The Boyfriend Bob

Hairstyles are a great way for people to express themselves and trying on new looks can definitely be fun. The fashionable trend that’s taking over this summer is the iconic boyfriend bob! Although the name evokes thoughts of the old-style page boy cut, don’t be fooled — this is a new and updated version that turns heads for all the right reasons!

The Boyfriend Bob

The Updated Bob

There are many new iterations of the bob haircut today that showcase how refreshing, modern, and even sultry this cut can be when done right. Blunt bobs and sliced bobs are great examples of how this style can be both sophisticated and sexy. Kim K, Dua Lipa, and Kaia Gerber, among many others, have proven just how great bobs can look. Boyfriend bobs are the most recent iteration of this style that’s taking over as the cool-girl look for the summer of 2022!

boyfriend bob

Most-Searched Among Hairstyles

It would appear that the boyfriend bob is taking the high ranking of the most popular style in the world based on the number of online searches for it that average 222,580 monthly. The second and third places go to the bun and the fringe both averaging above 85 thousand monthly searches. Based on the search numbers, bobs are turning out to be the most popular style in 52 countries including the USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, and more!

Thoughts From a Professional

U.K. editorial ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, Adam Reed talked about the appeal of a boyfriend bob. He explains that it’s a shorter, bulkier, and more square-outlined look that’s very wearable and flattering. The expert says that this hairdo is changeable and adjustable according to a person’s personal style. Whether you choose to wear it messy and textured or smooth and sleek, the look still works on many levels.

professional hairdresser

Reed suggested to anyone interested in this hairstyle to discuss the options with their hairdresser, use pictures for inspiration, consider their face shape, and how to properly style it on a day-to-day basis.