This Bow Tie Braid Is the Most Adorable Holiday Hairstyle

Bow Tie Braid

‘Tis the season to be jolly, which means it’s the perfect time to try a more festive and fun hairstyle for the celebrations ahead. With braided hairdos getting a modern, cool-girl renaissance, it’s only right to bring back the iconic and incredibly adorable bow tie braid!

Introducing: The Bow Tie Braid

Unlike its predecessors, the bow tie braid leans more into the glam garden party aesthetic. Think cottagecore, but instead of using a bow made from fabric, you’re making one out of your own hair. It’s a perfectly versatile look that you can pull off for a date night, a casual Friday at the office, and a holiday party. Loose and carefree, or tight and put-together, the bow tie braid is just the sweetest holiday hairstyle.

The Bow Tie Braid

The best part? This hairdo is super easy to create, which makes it a great substitute if you’re tired of the plain old ponytail or messy bun. The bow tie braid can make you look a lot more elegant and put-together while taking pretty much the same effort that a messy bun would. No wonder the bow braid is back in fashion! It’s been trending on TikTok with more than 5.6 billion views!

Make This Whimsical Braid at Home

Suitable for any weather and pretty much any hair type, the bow tie braid is fairly simple to make. All you’ll need are hair ties, a hair brush, and a few bobby pins. To make the bow, start by collecting a section of your hair and pulling it into a pony. Leave a loop of your hair out on the last pull-through. Split the loop in half and use bobby pins to set the bow sections to your head. Then, wrap a small piece of hair around the center of the bow to complete the look.

Hair Brush and Bobby Pins

If you want to take things up a notch, you can finish off your bow tie braid with a fish braid underneath the bow. Of course, you can choose any other braided hairstyle to combine your bow braid with. It’s up to you!