Goodbye Skinny Jeans, Balloon Pants Are the Hottest New Trend

It’s been a testing year for skinny jeans lovers around the globe. Back in February, GenZ-s used their go-to platform, TikTok, to declare that the beloved ‘skinny’ trend of the ‘00s was uncool. As a result, things got hectic in the jeans world. This statement had many millennials wondering, “What should I wear now?” Well, how about a combination of a Gen Z-approved straight-leg style and a millennial-favorite high-waist? Say hello to your new favorite trend — balloon pants!

Woman wearing trendy balloon pants
What Are Balloon Pants Really?

Also known as bubble or barrel pants, balloon pants are an intricate combination of a high-waisted and tight-ankle hem silhouette that offers comfort and a straight-leg style all into one. Even if you’re not into wearing the latest trends, you have to admit the allure of these pants. Especially after a year of shapeless sweatpants and home wear.

Not a New Silhouette

Vintage Balloon Pants Outfit
Although the ballon jeans silhouette isn’t exactly novel, it seems like now is the perfect time to pull it off. This season, we’re looking at more exaggerated and voluminous fashions, and it’s only right that balloon pants will thrive in the coming months. A growing number of mainstream brands like Cos, Madewell, and Agolde are jumping aboard the trend. Famed brands like Levi’s, Frame, and Eloquii are also offering styles close to the balloon pants silhouette with an added curve-enhancing shape for extra flair.

Nothing Has to Change With Balloon Pants

A chic outfit with heels and balloon pants
If you’re a skinny jeans lover, you know how easy it is to jump from one outfit to the next using your jeans as a base. The best thing about balloon pants and jeans is that the same principle applies. They are super easy to blend in with virtually any style, from casual to elegant just by swapping a few accessories. The spring 2022 runways were filled with ‘90s-inspired styles and baggy jeans, so barrel pants aren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future!