Ryan Reynolds Had a Difficult Time Doing The Masked Singer Overseas

Back in 2018, Ryan Reynolds appeared on King of Masked Singer, which is the South Korean version of The Masked Singer show. Back then, he sang a rendition of “Tomorrow” from Annie. Recently, the actor shared his thoughts on doing the show, while promoting his new holiday movie Spirited.

Ryan Reynolds Felt Traumatized Doing King of Masked Singer

Ryan Reynolds on King of Masked Singer in 2018

46-year-old Ryan Reynolds looked back at his 2018 South Korea experience, saying that his time on the show was less than ideal. According to the actor, when he was there, he asked himself why had he signed up to do it because it felt horrible. He also did not know the song and didn’t know how to do his part, so it felt traumatic to him.

Reynolds was doing King of Masked Singer in South Korea as part of his overseas press tour to promote Deadpool 2. His disguise was a unicorn mask with a sparkly cape, and his appearance became a viral hit online. The performance even made headlines in the USA months before the debut of the USA version of The Masked Singer in January 2019.

Ryan Reynolds Is Starring in a Movie Musical

Ryan Reynolds during his interview with Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie

Anchor Hoda Kotb brought up the moment to Reynolds during a discussion about his role in the movie musical Spirited, where the actor also sings. Kotb pointed out how Ryan Reynolds had displayed his singing skills many times and played the clip of the actor singing on King of Masked Singer.

Kotb’s co-anchor Savannah Guthrie asked Ryan why he would appear on the show in the first place, and Reynolds pointed out that as an actor, he would go on international tours to promote his movies, and he remembered how he was looking for the weirdest show to go on. At the time, The Masked Singer was not yet in the USA, so he looked at it as a novelty and decided to try it. The show was also huge in South Korea, and no westerners had shown up before the actor surprised everyone with his reveal.