Rachel Lindsay Shares Who She Would Want to Host ‘The Bachelor’

Rachel Lindsay
Rachel Lindsay Shares Who She Would Want to Host ‘The Bachelor’

Who should replace Chris Harrison? Rachel Lindsay is weighing this question in The Bachelor Nation. Earlier this month, 49-year-old Chris announced that he was temporarily stepping aside from the franchise after receiving backlash from the comments he made about all the controversy that surrounds contestant Rachael Kirkconnel.

Who Is the Next Host of The Bachelor?

After the statement he made on February 13th, a source told that Chris Harrison will appear in the episode “Women Tell All” that airs on March 1st, which was pre-taped. However, the source also revealed that the “After the Final Rose” special has not yet been filmed. This is why many people are now curious to know who will take his position.

On the Bachelor Party podcast, Rachel shared that she thinks it’s best if the person who gets the role is outside The Bachelor bubble. Her top pick is Emmanuel Acho, as she stated this on the February 23th episode, “hands down.”

Emmanuel Acho might take the role in The Bachelor
Rachel Lindsay Shares Who She Would Want to Host ‘The Bachelor’

The star even noted that Rachael has been “reading his book,” so this made perfect sense. She also explained that the next host of The Bachelor should be someone that people trust to have these conversations. Rachael adds that Emmanuel would be great as he is not biased in any way – he doesn’t watch the show and doesn’t know all the people involved.

The 35-year-old host of the podcast said that she anticipated a serious conversation between Matt James and Rachael.

Matt Talks

On February 22nd, Matt broke his silence by posting on Instagram that the past few weeks have been some of the most challenging of his life. While there are several episodes left of the season, he must take his time to address the troubling information that has come to light since they wrapped filming. This includes the incredibly disappointing photos of Rachael Kirkconnel and the interview between Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay.

He continued by saying that is learning about these situations in real-time and has been heartbroken and devastated. This statement came only a few weeks after Rachael apologized.