Lady Gaga Fans Are Convinced This Olympic Athlete Is Her Twin

Lady Gaga Fans Are Convinced This Olympic Athlete Is Her TwinEveryone has a doppelganger somewhere in the world. At least that’s what they tell us at school. It’s statistically possible to have more than one somewhere around the globe, but it’s statistically impossible to stumble upon your lookalike. Well, if you’re Lady Gaga, you have your Little Monsters to look out for you. It seems they may have found her doppelganger at none other than the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Is It Lady Gaga or Julyana Al-Sadeq?

Julyana Al-Sadeq (on the left) and Lady Gaga (on the right) When Julyana Al-Sadeq came out to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, everyone started wondering if maybe Lady Gaga had secretly been training Taekwondo. Jordan’s Al-Sadeq ended up losing her match against Brazil’s Milena Titoneli, but that’s not what had Gaga’s fans glued to the screen. It seemed like they were looking at their favorite singer’s long-lost twin.

If you’re currently rubbing your eyes over the split image of both ladies above, wondering if you’re seeing double, you’re not alone. The Internet was just as confused as you. Not long after, Twitter got flooded with tweets about the striking resemblance between the Taekwondo player and the famous singer. One user wrote, “This is Lady Gaga at the Tokyo Olympics,” together with a photo of Al-Sadeq.

For a while there, fans were wondering if there really are two Mother Monsters after seeing the Taekwondo Olympian, but none of them has commented about it so far.

Lady Gaga Isn’t the Only One With a Doppelganger

actor Andrew Garfield (left) and tennis player Andy Murray (right) If you look for famous people who look alike, you’ll surely find more pairs than Lady Gaga and Al-Sadeq. In fact, fans already spotted the striking resemblance between Leonardo DiCaprio and an archer at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Other popular doppelganger pairs include actor Rupert Friend and Olympic skater Maxim Trankov, actor Andrew Garfield and tennis player Andy Murray, as well as actress Rashida Jones and Olympian Lolo Jones.

3 Designer-Approved Tips on Decorating an Open Floor Plan

An interior with an open floor plan

Large living spaces that combine kitchens and living rooms are more common than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they’re simple to decorate. Just ask the professionals! Dallas-based designer Jean Liu says that while the option to live in huge spaces with many functions is so popular nowadays, designing rooms with an open floor plan in a thoughtful, seamless, and cohesive way is trickier than it appears. Designer from Memphis Sean Anderson agrees. He says that open spaces can pose multiple design struggles; however, this doesn’t have to be so intimidating. Here is how designers do it.

#1. Add an Area Rug and Repeat Fabrics

An interior with repeat fabrics in different shades of grey

An enormous rug with a continuous pattern, according to Birmingham designer Dana Wolter of Dana Wolter Interiors, can help provide warmth and continuity in an open floor plan. Dana says that people like to use a rug that’s as big as possible, or placing two of them together to create one large one to tie the spaces together. She also says that she likes to repeat color palettes and pillow fabrics in each seating area for cohesiveness and continuity.

#2. Choose a Consistent Color Palette for the Open Floor Plan Project

An interior with a consistent color palette in light grey

Color and deliberate furniture arrangements are used by Jean Liu of Jean Liu Design in Dallas, Texas, to create a feeling of coziness. She says that some of his top tips for making such spaces successful include developing great furniture arrangements to make a bigger room feel cozier and to maximize the space’s functionality. Designers love balancing type and scale such as leather and fabrics, stone with wood, antiques with new pieces.

#3. Pay Close Attention to Scale

A well-scaled open floor interior Sean Anderson says that a functional and cohesive open floor plan is all about scale. He also says that decor and furnishings that are correctly sized can make a bigger space feel balanced and intimate. A great way to do so is by using rugs to create the visual effect of having multiple rooms in one huge living area.