JoJo Siwa Openly Names Candace Cameron Bure the Rudest Celebrity

American singer, dancer, and YouTuber, JoJo Siwa, shared a post on TikTok in which she revealed her choices of the coolest, rudest, and nicest celebrities she’s met. She also shared who her current celebrity crush is. The TikTok post in question is captioned “Pool day = exposed hahaha.”

JoJo Siwa Openly Names Candace Cameron Bure the Rudest Celebrity
What JoJo Siwa Said on TikTok

JoJo filmed a poolside TikTok in which the singer decided to share her thoughts about which celebrity left what type of impression on her upon meeting them. In that post, she named Candace Cameron Bure as the rudest celebrity she’s met. She goes on to list Miley Cirus as the nicest, Elton John as the coolest, and Zendaya as her celebrity crush. She took the opportunity to show SpongeBob as the celebrity that, as the caption said, did her dirty. The last one was clearly a reference to Nickelodeon.

Did Candace Respond?

Candace Cameron Bure didn’t respond to this TikTok in any clear or direct way. However, she did post a passage on her Instagram page that’s pretty well timed with the TikTok Jojo Siwa posted. The verse simply read “Trust the Lord Always.” Whether that was meant in response to JoJo’s post or not, it remains unclear when and where the two might have crossed paths and what kind of issue they had.

JoJo’s Issues With Nickelodeon

In September 2021, Jojo Siwa called out Nickelodeon for not giving her permission to perform songs from her film in her show. JoJo called it unfair, claiming that those are her songs, her writing, sang in her voice. She continued to say that being a real human yet treated as a brand by the company you’re working for, isn’t always fun. In April of this year, JoJo wasn’t invited to take part in Nickelodeon’s 2022 Kids Choice Awards. She shared the fact that she wasn’t invited to the event by posting about it on Instagram.