Jennifer Lawrence Is Almost Unrecognizable With Glowy Skin and No Makeup

Actress Jennifer Lawrence welcomed her first child earlier in 2022 with her husband Cooke Maroney. She was recently spotted out and about in Santa Monica, CA, looking fresh-faced and dressed in a gorgeous white babydoll dress. The news about the baby came from the paparazzi who spotted her with her husband on a walk with their new little family member. There are no other details that are known about the baby yet and she’s keeping things very private.

Jennifer Lawrence & husband Cooke Maroney
Amy Schumer’s Comment on Jennifer Lawrence’s Life-Changing Experience

Fellow actress Amy Schumer recently said that she thinks that her friend, Jennifer Lawrence, changed for the better since becoming a mother. The comedian said she has not met the baby yet and Lawrence didn’t even share the name with her. She joked that the new mom is smart enough not to tell her such details. Jennifer also said that she values privacy very much, especially when it comes to her new baby. She said she doesn’t want just anybody to feel welcome in the baby’s existence. She finished up by commenting that means not including the baby in her work life.

How Did She Get That Glow?

Jennifer Lawrence post-birth photo without makeup
But let’s talk about the beautiful, glowy, and flawless post-baby skin that you can see in the latest photo of Jennifer Lawrence that’s going around on the Internet. Previously, she said that she’s avoiding makeup as much as she can when she’s not working. She said that she’s gotten it done professionally so much but she hasn’t learned anything from the pros, and that’s why it’s better for makeup to stay away from her face on a regular day. But she also made a point of taking really good care of her skin. She changes up the facial products she uses but also uses retinol before her night cream every time. She’s also very big on wearing night cream, even during the day, because her skin is very dry.

Jennifer Lawrence continued her skin chat by saying she’s always exfoliating, too. She doesn’t use a specific product for it but it’s a step she never misses. And of course, she’s big on using sunscreen, too. Again, the brand doesn’t matter to her but she makes sure it has zinc in it.