It Ends With Us: Everything We Know About the Movie Adaptation Starring Blake Lively

It Ends With Us novel by Colleen Hoover, published 2016

When Colleen Hoover published her 2016 novel, It Ends With Us, it didn’t become famous until years later. The book follows the story of a young woman named Lily Bloom. She falls for a handsome neurosurgeon by the name of Ryle Kincaid. Unfortunately, he is very controlling, and the story depicts Lily’s marriage to the doctor. At the same time, a childhood friend, Atlas Corrigan, enters the picture to make the storyline even more interesting.

A Rise to Glory Years Later

Colleen Hoover, author of It Ends With Us

The social media platform TikTok helped raise It Ends With Us to glory years after it was first published. Due to its popularity on the platform, it quickly shot up the bestseller’s list and held its position for 90 weeks as of January 2023. It’s right up there with the sequel to the novel It Starts With Us and an unrelated thriller by the same author.

The Adaptation of It Ends With Us

actress Blake Lively who's set to play in the Adaptation of It Ends With Us

Not much is known about the movie adaptation of Hoover’s novel, but some things are already clear. As the author happily posted through a video, famous actress Blake Lively has already signed on to play the main character, Lily. She posted a mysterious video on her Instagram sporting new dark locks. Jake Baldoni, who many may know from Jane the Virgin, will play the neurosurgeon Ryle. And there’s even been a hint of Shane West playing Atlas.

Coloring Book Controversy

There was talk of a coloring book being created, but the idea quickly crumbled. Shortly after announcing the idea, Hoover and Atria Books announced that it was not moving forward. People were not on board with a coloring book because it would be unsuitable for children.

Jake Baldoni

It Ends With Us author Colleen Hoover promises to tease as much as possible about the upcoming movie. At least the most she can before they kick her off the set. Fans can remain excited and in-waiting for Blake Lively and Jake Baldoni’s versions of Lily and Ryle in the adaptation.