Hollywood Stars That Formed 6 of the Most Famous New Couples in 2022

It’s next to impossible to keep up with the current Hollywood dating scene. Things move fast in the industry. What will be the next celebrity couple is always unexpected.

What Were the New Celebrity Couples of 2022?

Couples are announced, and then the relationship announcements are denied. Then they get confirmed on Instagram and make appearances together on the red carpet. So far, however, here are five of the most talked-about celebrity couples who went public or got together in 2022.

#1. Chrishell Stause and G Flip Were One of 2022’s Couples

Chrishell Stause and G Flip Were One of 2022’s Couples

The Australian singer G Flip and the Selling Sunset star officially confirmed their relationship during the season five reunion episode that dropped on Netflix on May 6th, becoming one of the memorable celebrity couples in 2022. Stause commented that she’d been spending a lot of time with nonbinary G Flip, whom she considers to be “an extremely talented musician.” They hit it off while filming a music video together. According to Stause, the video is about a chaotic love story. They had a lot of fun, and she thinks it’ll be an amazing music video that not everyone may be ready for, though.

#2. Katie Holmes and Bobby Wooten III Were Going Steady

Katie Holmes and Bobby Wooten III

On April 29th, Katie Holmes was pictured while she was kissing famous musician Bobby Wooten III during their pleasant stroll in Central Park. Wooten was also photographed hugging Holmes’s mom, Kathy Stothers-Holmes. The latter indicates that this could be one of the serious couples of the year that just passed.

#3. Rachel Zegler and Josh Rivera Committed ‘Valen-Crimes’

Rachel Zegler and Josh Rivera

The West Side Story couple announced their relationship on February 14th, when Zegler shared a selfie with Rivera on Instagram, commenting that they were committing “valen-crimes.”

#4. Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike Euphoric for Each Other

Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike

After rumors began to circulate that Hunter Schafer was dating her Euphoria season two costar, Dominic Fike, the pair confirmed their relationship in February in an Instagram story that Fike posted on February 10th, writing, “Happy birthday happy birthday.”

#5. Hayley Kiyoko Loves Becca Tilley

Hayley Kiyoko and Becca Tilley

In May 2022, Hayley Kiyoko and the former Bachelor contestant Becca Tilley told the world they’d been in a relationship for four years. Tilley appeared in Kiyoko’s Bachelorette-themed music video, “For the Girls,” confirming the news by sharing an Instagram reel of key moments from their relationship over the years. Kiyoko replied to the post, writing that those were “The best four years ever.” She also expressed her love for Becca in the post.

#6. Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader

The couple reportedly met in January 2022. Anna hosted Saturday Night Live, and the couple has done a movie together, but they became one of the star couples long after the movie.