Check Out Some of the Best Celebrity Bob Haircuts From 2023

Freepik // garetsvisual

In 2023, we’ve been blessed to see many Hollywood stars rocking the bob haircut; so many, in fact, that it’s nearly impossible to choose our favorite one. The bob is one of those haircuts that frequently comes back into style, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a haircut that can be switched up to complement nearly every face shape.

Best Celebrity Bob Haircuts

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega has rocked her signature edgy chopped bob haircut for a while. It became so viral that it was the most searched haircut on the internet. Ever since then, pretty much every celebrity has gone for a similar cut, from Hailey Bieber to Zendaya and Eva Longoria. Of course, each has added a twist, which became a source of inspiration for many. Let’s look at some other beautiful girlies who absolutely kill the short-hair game.

Ciara and Christina Aguilera

Ciara definitely looks incredible with blond hair, especially with a blonde bob. Her platinum haircut is perfect for fall and gives off major snow queen vibes.

Christina Aguilera can do no wrong, including this new cut. She opted for a dramatic chop, which seemed to be just in time for the party season. Paired with an elegant dress, this hairstyle can look even more edgy and sassy.

Meredith Duxbury and Megan Fox

Мakeup influencer Meredith Duxbury decided to surprise her followers by following the bob trend. Apparently, that wasn’t enough to complete her look, so she dyed it pumpkin-spice red. Now, if that doesn’t scream fall, what does?

Meanwhile, actress Megan Fox definitely stood out with her shocking “red velvet” French bob. It might be too much for some people, but the actress once again proved that she can pull off any style, length, and color.

Kim Kardashian and Zendaya

We know you’re used to seeing Kim K’s signature long and luscious locks, but the KUWTK star recently decided to change things up with a chin-length bob. She revealed her new look with an Instagram video and left fans in awe.

Instagram // @zendaya

Apart from being an extremely talented actress and model, Zendaya is also known for constantly experimenting with new hairstyles, and yes, they all look great on her! She debuted her voluminous ’90s-inspired supermodel bob at the opening event of the Bulgari Hotel Roma.