Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Correctly Paint a Mirror Frame

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Correctly Paint a Mirror Frame

Painting a mirror is a relatively simple DIY project that people can carry out without spending their entire weekend working or investing a significant sum of money. There are different ways to tackle the task, but this method is the most efficient, as it saves time and delivers exceptional results.

1. Gather the Necessary Materials

Head to the home depot to purchase paint, nylons, masking tape, paintbrushes, small-sized rollers, and a paint tray. Choose colors that blend easily with their surroundings and which will add to the beauty of the interior design.

Painter's tools
2. Prepare the Workspace

Cover the surface on which the mirror will be painted with nylon to shield it from splatters. Also, lay down nylon or newspapers on the floor beneath the workstation to avoid staining and other hard-to-remove blemishes.

3. Tape the Mirror

Removing paint stains from glass can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Furthermore, the job often ends with scratches on the mirror, which ruin its overall appearance. Avert unnecessary complications by covering the mirror with nylon and affixing it with masking tape. This way do-it-yourselfers can easily paint the edges of the frame without worrying about staining the glass.

4. Apply the Paint

Painting a mirror framePour the paint into the paint tray and use the small-sized roller to cover the top-site of the frame. Then use the brush to paint the inner and outer edges. Leave the paint to dry and apply a second coat to create a uniform and opaque finish. If necessary, add a third layer.

5. Hang the Mirror

Once the paint is dry, hang the mirror in its place and take a step back to enjoy its effect on the overall ambiance of the room. End the project by cleaning the workspace.

Painting a mirror doesn’t take more than a few hours but it’s an oddly satisfying endeavor that can truly alter the vibe of a room.