Here Is How to Create a DIY “Mosaic Camera” Using 100 Drinking Straws

a shot of a skull using a mosaic camera

Photographer Sean Anderson demonstrates how he used over a thousand small drinking straws to make a “straw mosaic camera” capable of capturing mosaic-style photos in this six-and-a-half-minute video from Fotodiox.

Anderson says the concept was inspired by a 2017 PetaPixel story in which photographs were captured using a homemade camera constructed of straws and a film back. Sean was left with two lingering questions following his viewing of that project: 1) Is it possible to make the camera smaller? and 2) Is it possible to convert the straw mosaic camera to digital and eliminate the need for a film?

the photographer holding a mosaic camera While Anderson claims that this mosaic camera build was one of the simplest he’s ever attempted, it also ended up taking the longest. He needed to accurately measure 1,000 coffee stirring straws and then cut them into three pieces each (for a total of 3,000 straw pieces) to fit them into the container precisely. This entire process took several days.

No Reflections or Glare!

a mosaic camera shot of a camera Once all of the straws were snugly packed into the container, Anderson encountered a minor issue with the way the photographs “rendered” when taken with a digital camera. To see the entire image, he needed to move the system far away from the “straw mosaic camera.” To remedy this, he placed some frosted plastic over the straws, focusing each point of light on the “element” and allowing him to move the camera considerably closer. Then he added “bellows” made of cardboard to the apparatus to better control and reduce reflections and glare.

The Mosaic Camera Offers a Different Perspective on Photography

a mosaic camera shot of a Halloween pumpkin Anderson observed when testing the technique that subjects had to be near to the straws, or else, the image would be a murky mess. This means that the photographs will also require a significant amount of additional illumination, so anybody considering attempting the construction should keep this in mind. According to him, unless the system is significantly larger, it works best for photographing small objects in a still-life manner. Nonetheless, the result is a distinct and enjoyable perspective on photography.

Kim Kardashian Shares She Successfully Passed the Baby Bar

Kim Kardashian

Throughout the years, many have made fun of her efforts to become a lawyer, but still, Kim Kardashian is getting closer to achieving her dream. Her most recent accomplishment, which she shared with her fans on social media, is passing the First-Year Law Students’ Exam, popularly known as the Baby Bar exam.

Fourth Time’s a Charm for Kim Kardashian

Passing the Baby Bar exam is no small feat. That’s why when Kim passed it successfully, she took to Instagram to share the news with her followers. In a lengthy, heartfelt post, Kim shared her law school journey and how she failed the exam three times before finally passing it on her fourth attempt.

Kim Kardashian posing in a dark blue outfit in the bathroom of her home

The post was accompanied by a photoshoot posted on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account. In it, she’s posing in a beautiful dark blue pantsuit in her house. The star didn’t miss the opportunity to mention her dad, writing that he would have been her biggest cheerleader even though he’d often make “fun of people who didn’t pass on their first attempt” as she did. Kim’s late father, Robert Kardashian, was a prominent lawyer who famously worked as the defense attorney during the 1995 O.J. Simpson’s trial.

Her Journey Continues

Although Kim isn’t in law school, the California Bar Association allows prospective lawyers to do a four-year apprenticeship instead of having a law degree. According to the CBA’s website, Kim and her supervising attorney need to submit semi-annual progress reports. In addition to that, Kardashian has to study law at a firm during standard business hours. She must do that for at least 18 hours a week, for a minimum of 48 weeks. That way, she’ll receive credit for one year of study based on the state’s bar admission rules. California is one of only four states that allow people to become lawyers without going through law school.

Kim while studying for her bar exam

Once Kim finishes the four-year apprenticeship, she’ll have to pass the bar, receive a positive moral character determination, and successfully take the Multi-state Professional Responsibility Examination. In other words, there is a long journey ahead until Kim Kardashian can finally become a lawyer. She has been sharing her studying sessions with her fans, and hopefully, she’ll make her dream come true.