How to Apply Concealer Like a Makeup Artist

Applying makeup can be an art form and, like every artist, it’s important to have a clean and even canvas to work on to get the best results. That’s why concealer is applied to cover up any surface imperfections, be it a flare-up of acne or dark circles under the eyes. Some may feel that this product doesn’t do as well for them as expected, but the trick is in the application. Here’s how to apply this product like a professional makeup artist!

Start With a Clean Face

The first step is to properly clean and moisturize one’s face. After all, taking great care of the skin goes a long way when it comes to maintaining a healthy and youthful look. Before applying concealer or any type of makeup, wash your face using a gentle cleansing product and lukewarm water.

Choose the Right Formula for Your Skin

Concealers are made with different skin types in mind and knowing how to choose one that’s truly right for you will enhance the end result and keep your skin healthier. A lighter and hydrating formula will work best for dry or sensitive skin. A very thick formula can make the dryness more pronounced.

Orange-toned concealers work best for dark circles under the eyes as it helps color correct the blue hues. Those with acne-prone skin should use a cleansing and mattifying formula and steer clear of oil-based concealers.

Use Eye Cream and a Primer

Using eye cream to prep the area around your eyes can help make the concealer application much more seamless and effortless. A good primer can go a long way to help your makeup last and achieve optimal results. Primer can be easily applied by using the fingers to massage the product into the skin. Those with oily skin should choose oil-free primers.

The Foundation Goes on First

Many people debate whether it’s the foundation or the concealer that goes on first. Many makeup artists claim that putting the foundation on first delivers better results and achieves a more natural look. The foundation will provide some coverage and make it easier to spot areas that need a bit more attention. That’s where concealers step in to make the final corrections.

Apply a Light Layer of Concealer

Start by applying a light coat of concealer on the outer and inner under-eye corners. Leave the lashline bare as you smooth out the edges. Use this product to cover any blemishes, red spots, or other areas that need a bit more attention. The most effective application process is to apply the product directly from the tube and use a damp makeup sponge to press it into the skin lightly. Less is more, so use the product sparingly and layer it if necessary.