A Fun and Rewarding DIY Project for Making Stools Without Tools

A Fun and Rewarding DIY Project for Making Stools Without ToolsIt’s never a bad idea to make a few extra seating options to have at home. Instead of going to local shops and looking for a style of stool that suits your preferences, take a look at this amazing and easy DIY opportunity! These stools are comfy, look unique, and are simple to make without the need for any special tools or equipment!

Why Go for DIY Stools

A DIY route is always a great option if you want to achieve a specific look that you’re unlikely to find in stores, and with minimal costs! Besides, a successful DIY project always fills the maker with pride and a sense of accomplishment. The secret behind a successful DIY project is patience, the right selection of materials, and not being afraid to get creative!

Testing the DIY stools
What’s Needed

To make one of these stunning stools, you will need seven 15-inch wood rounds that can be easily found in most hardware stores or craft stores and six wreath forms that are quite inexpensive. The stool will be held together by adhesive and the joints filled in with caulk. You will need the same application gun for both materials. Lastly, use faux stone spray paint and another type of spray paint with the color of your choice. On average, one can of spray paint covers 3-4 chairs.

Making the Stools
The Step By Step Process

Take the first wood round and find its center. Add adhesive to one of the wreath forms and place it adhesive-side-down on the wood round, making sure that it’s centered. Put adhesive on the top side of the same wreath form and lay another wood round on top of it. It’s a good idea to use a level to make sure that the placements are straight. The recommended height is around 7 wood rounds, but you can add more if you want taller stools. Let it dry for 24 hours before caulking the joints and use the faux stone texture paint and spray paint once the caulk is dry.