How to Make the Perfect DIY Gift Wrapping Station in a Few Steps

Rolls of Christmas wrapping paper with ribbons, bows and scissors

Finding that perfect present for a loved one is one of the warmest and fuzziest feelings in the world. However, wrapping it in a beautiful package is what makes it all come together. So, if you don’t want to pay someone to wrap your presents for you, it’s time to make a DIY gift wrapping station. It’s easier than you think, and it will make your wrapping experience that much more pleasant and short! Here’s how to set it up.

Every Awesome Gift Wrapping Station Starts With the Right Surface

a gift wrapping station on a table covered in brown paper
Something you can easily overlook is the surface where you will be creating wrapping magic. You need to ensure that it’s big and high enough for you to comfortably sit or stand while wrapping. It’s best to choose a lesser-used room so that you don’t aren’t pressured to clear your DIY gift wrapping station for every meal or something else that can’t be postponed. Be sure to wrap the table or surface you will be using with brown or butcher paper to protect it from scratches, glitter, glue, or any other damage.

Organize the Wrapping Paper and Ribbons

An old suitcase with arranged wrapping paper rolls and ribbons
If you have a ton of gifts to wrap, you need to approach this gift wrapping deal seriously. Once you have your workstation prepped, it’s time to arrange your paper. Grab a box or an old suitcase (or whatever type of container you have) and place your wrapping paper and ribbons inside neatly. This will prevent them from getting wrinkled and being all over the place. Set the container on one side of the table and leave plenty of space on your gift wrapping station for packaging the presents.

Use a Desk Organizer

A black container labeled as "pens and tags"
Whatever tools you are going to use, such as pens, markers, glue, glitter, tape, and stickers, it’s best to arrange them in a desk organizer if you have one. Or, just place them in several containers instead of spreading them across the table. That way, you know where everything is, and you won’t accidentally damage the wrapping paper.

Viola, your DIY gift wrapping station is complete! Add in some holiday lights and music for ambiance, and wrap away!