A Clever DIY Fan Transformed Her Counters With Marble Vinyl

The main reason many people do not install marble countertops in their homes is money. The material is quite expensive and can easily cost too much for a family budget. However, a woman who is a huge DIY fan managed to create the look of luxury counters without paying the high price tag.

The Savvy DIY Fan Actually Had Fake Granite Counters

Stacey Solomon In Her Kitchen
A Clever DIY Fan Transformed Her Counters With Marble Vinyl

While Stacey Solomon already had fake granite counters, she was impressed by the look of a roll of marble-effect vinyl that she bought for less than $20. She then transformed her counters with her new vinyl and shared the before and after photos she made during the project. Stacey wrote on social media that she wanted to take a moment and appreciate her new vinyl wrap, which she called the best thing ever for people who are on a tight budget.

Many Were Amazed By the Work of the DIY Enthusiast

The Refurbished Counters of Stacey Solomon
A Clever DIY Fan Transformed Her Counters With Marble Vinyl

The fake granite counters the woman had before revamping her kitchen were already in need of an update, so Stacey did not have to think much before choosing the DIY method. After picking up the bargain vinyl, she stuck the adhesive onto the surface and trimmed it around the cupboards. She then placed her rose gold appliances on top. Many were impressed by her work, and the post got hundreds of likes, while some bargain hunters said they were amazed by the effect of the transformation.

This particular DIY fan has transformed other parts of her home and with amazing results as well. One of her projects was centered around remaking her dull bathroom by applying 3D wallpaper she bought for less than $10, while another was a hanging closet wall with gold racks. Stacey Solomon also revamped her wardrobe with bargain paint and tiles she ordered on Amazon. Her ideas usually do not cost much, and many use them for inspiration when working on their own DIY projects.