Cardi B Says Boiled Onion Water Is the Secret to Her Haircare Routine

Celebrities always have the best hair, don’t they? And while it’s true that they have access to supreme quality cosmetics, their healthy look isn’t always the result of ridiculously expensive haircare products. Sometimes, it’s as simple as using boiled onion water. You read that right — boiled onion water. That’s exactly what Cardi B uses to make her hair shiny, soft, and healthy.

Cardi B

Cardi B Swears by This Haircare Practice

The Grammy-winning rapper recently shared the secret to her flawless hair. Her haircare routine includes washing her hair with boiled onion water. It’s a habit she used to have and is introducing back into her routine as part of her “healthy hair growth journey.” Cardi B shared the result of this haircare hack on Instagram alongside a video of the current long, sleek hairstyle she has.

Her Instagram caption explained her experience with onion water, stating that it’s odorless and really leaves her hair shiny even after just two washes. Judging by the flawless look of her hair in the clip Cardi B shared, it’s definitely working!

The Benefits of Boiled Onion Water

While it’s questionable whether boiled onion water is odorless, experts confirm the undeniable benefits of this haircare tip for everyone’s hair. Due to the high content of sulfur in onions, using their boiled water will help reduce hair thinning and breakage. Doing this will also help regenerate your follicles which will improve and stimulate hair growth.

Onion juice

When used regularly, boiled onion water, onion juice, or onion hair masks can help create a lasting natural shine that will make you look like a celebrity after each wash. The best part? You can follow Cardi B’s example and do it at home. No need to look for readymade masks or expensive hair care therapy. Try this haircare tip and join Cardi B’s journey to healthy hair growth!