Mastering the Art of Building a Fire in Fireplaces

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Creating a cozy fire in the fireplace might seem simple, but there’s a lot to it, and some people even consider it an art. The key lies in understanding the three essential materials necessary to start a fire and how to use them. Those are tinder, kindling, and seasoned wood, and they all have unique properties that combine to make fire easily.

The Art of Making Fire

Moss, wood shavings, or cotton balls can all serve as tinder because they ignite quickly and kickstart the fire. Kindling is usually made from citrus peels or small sticks, and it burns slowly enough to catch larger logs on fire. Seasoned wood is wood that has been dried for at least a year, which ensures a long-lasting, crackling blaze. Using the right materials is crucial.

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Caution is advised against using paper as a tinder. This is the case because paper can generate excessive heat and become a fire hazard. Paper with dyes or ink is especially dangerous because it can give off potential chemical fumes when burning. The size and condition of the logs are also important. The best to use for most fireplaces and stoves are between 16 and 18 inches, which are dry and gray. Using unseasoned wood can lead to creosote buildup in the chimney, which is a fire hazard.

Tinder, Kindling, and Seasoned Wood

Stacking the fire correctly is another important step. The greatest importance here is to ensure good oxygen flow. Different methods to achieve that include using the log cabin, cone, or lean-to, which can be employed based on the firebox size and log dimensions. These methods ensure proper airflow for a healthy fire. However, starting the fire should be done cautiously and you shouldn’t use lighter fluid indoors. A long match or grill lighter is great for igniting the tinder evenly for a sustained fire.

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To further enhance fireplace safety in a way that can prevent home fires, using seasoned wood is a must. Creosote buildup, caused by burning wet wood, can damage the chimney lining and is highly flammable. Pre-heating the flue by lighting a dry stick or kindling above the damper before starting the fire helps reduce condensation and ensures a safer fireplace experience. Starting a fireplace fire is an art that involves choosing the right materials, stacking them properly, and following safety measures. Understanding tinder, kindling, and seasoned wood and how to use them will help anyone create a warm and safe fireplace experience.

This Chic Northern California Hotel Just Reopened With a Heated Outdoor Pool and Beautiful Gardens Overlooking the Beach

Photo courtesy of La Playa Hotel

The La Playa Hotel is one of the best-known locations for Californian social life in Carmel-by-the-Sea. It is an amazing property that stands out with its landscaped gardens, historical references, and modern amenities. Originally built in 1905, it was an atelier for artist Chris Jorgensen and his wife, the chocolate heiress Angela Ghirardelli. Not long after, the place was turned into a retreat for artists and innovators.

The La Playa Hotel Remade

The La Playa Hotel property recently got a fancy $15 million makeover, and it’s pretty amazing. They’ve given it a fresh look that combines old-fashioned charm with all the cool stuff people love today. In the past, the La Playa Hotel used to be the go-to spot for famous writers and artists in Carmel. The boss, John Grossman, teamed up with a design studio to bring back that vintage vibe, not only in the hotel but all over Carmel.

Photo courtesy of La Playa Hotel

Now the hotel has 75 rooms and suites, and they’re all decked out with fancy modern furniture and neat details like custom paintings, shiny brass doorknobs, and fancy tasseled cabinet pulls. The rooms are also wonderful and stocked with all sorts of amenities. The views from the rooms are breathtaking, with huge windows that let guests see the hotel’s beautiful gardens and the ocean. Oh, and the bathrooms are super cool too, with colorful tiles and high-end Le Labo toiletries.

La Playa Is Surrounded by Nature

The main goal of the renovation was pretty straightforward: make the La Playa Hotel look like it’s from the past but with all the cool stuff people expect today. The lobby is all new and inviting, with a big stone fireplace that’s just perfect for hanging out and relaxing. The atmosphere is cozy, and spaces with dim lighting, dark wood, and vintage photos can be found on the property.

Photo courtesy of La Playa Hotel

But the absolute coolest part is the gardens, which are the heart of the place. Guests can explore them using winding paths that offer the most amazing views of Carmel Point and the bay. Those who are not really into gardens can try the heated pool or take a quick walk to Carmel Beach.

Keeping the Hotel’s Integrity

La Playa has managed to preserve the essence of its rich history while providing a luxurious and contemporary experience for today’s visitors. There are lush gardens and beautifully designed rooms that this historic gem offers in combination with all the modern comforts.

La Playa is all about enjoying the natural beauty of the area, and with these renovations, they’ve made it even better. It’s the perfect spot for a getaway!