Embracing and Mastering the Leo Season Blowout Hairstyle

It’s Leo season, where Main Character Girl summer takes center stage! Leos, with fiery confidence, ambition, and flair for theatrics, were born for the spotlight. It’s no wonder that July and August provide the perfect opportunity to treat the world as your stage. Award-winning actors like Jennifer Lawrence, musicians like Jennifer Lopez, lifestyle icons and thirst-trap queens like Martha Stewart and Kylie Jenner, and literal royalty like Meghan Markle truly shine with their blowouts.

The Leo Trademark

The Leo trademark doesn’t stop at their star power; it extends to their show-stopping hairstyles. Luscious locks are an essential part of their charismatic aura. Leos hold their manes to a higher standard than most, making their hair an extension of their charm. During Leo season, it’s time to unleash your bombshell blowout and exude the full essence of a Leo!

The Art of the Leo Blowout

If you are ready to style a Leo blowout, start with clean, wet hair. Ensure your strands are protected with a heat protector like Redken’s Quick Blowout Spray. This product provides light conditioning and shields against 450-degree heat. Then, embrace the magic of volumizing mousse to achieve that irresistibly voluminous blowout look.

The Art of the Leo Blowout

Mastering the Technique

Divide your hair into two-inch sections and dry each piece using a standard blow-dryer and round brush. However, for a truly bombshell aesthetic, New York City hairstylist Dan Williams suggests using a hot brush on the Dyson AirWrap. Begin at the back of your head, working your way up to ensure proper lift at the roots. Pin each section to set a bouncy shape and create maximum volume with old-school Velcro rollers.

The Finishing Touches

After letting your hair cool down for a few minutes, release each section and brush it gently. Add dry shampoo at the roots for an extra boost of volume and longevity. Dry shampoo is the secret to making your blowout last for days, so you can rock your Leo energy throughout the season. Finally, seal the deal with texturizing spray to complete your stunning Leo blowout.

The Finishing Touches

Step into this Leo season with confidence! With the right techniques and styling products, you can achieve voluminous bombshell hair that perfectly complements your main-character energy. Embrace the Leo trademark and let your charm shine through your show-stopping locks. It’s time to unleash your inner star and bask in the spotlight during this Leo season blowout extravaganza!

Lizzo Was a Smash Hit at the BRIT Awards in a Gold Ruffle Dress

Singer and rapper from Detroit, Michigan, Lizzo has been making hit song after hit song on the music charts, and she always stuns with extravagant looks. The 34-year-old started her music career shortly after she graduated college, and her songs have been all over the place. Her stage name, the singer explains, happened in high school when she and her friends decided to put the letter “o” at the end of their names. Her performances and ensembles are always outlandish and her outfit was no different at the BRIT Awards.

Lizzo Was a Smash Hit at the BRIT Awards With a Gold Ruffle EnssambleLizzo at the BRIT Awards

The extravagant singer didn’t fail to surprise everyone at the BRIT Awards with yet another gorgeous ensemble. She looked like a golden goddess! Her choice of clothing was a dark gold one-shoulder bodycon dress with oversized light gold ruffles paired with black strappy sandals. She completed the look with a dramatic smokey eye and nude lip color. She walked the red carpet with poise and had everyone’s undivided attention.

Her Extravagant Performance

The extravagant singer didn’t fail to wow the audience and guests with a stunning performance at the BRIT Awards. She changed into a long-skirt pink corset dress and quickly disassembled it into a mini skirt while performing a medley of the songs from her new album.

A Week After the Grammys

Lizzo showed herself as a golden goddess and stunned everyone with her extravagant performance only a week after showing up at the Grammys. Her entrance look for the Grammy Awards was no less stunning than the gold number. She wore a long, bright orange dress with a cape with flowers. The look took everyone by surprise, and she had the cameras pointed straight in her direction.

Lizzo, the 34-year-old singer and rapper from Michigan, never fails to stun audiences with extravagant styles and funky tunes. She has been dominating the charts with songs like “Juice” and “Rumors.” Her ensembles at the Grammys and BRIT Awards prove she is not afraid of going all out when performing and making people smile!