Top 5 Home Improvement Trends for 2023, According to Pinterest

The Pinterest team predicted the top home trends of 2023. In previous years, they’ve had a high success rate with their predictions. If you, too, are looking for inspiration when it comes to interior decoration, here’s what will be trending in the next year, according to Jeremy Jankowski, creator management lead of Home & Design at Pinterest.

#1. Modern, in Combination with Vintage

Modern, in Combination with Vintage interior

Property owners can easily embrace the past by combining vintage furniture that has a straightforward, contemporary aesthetic or by reusing old pieces to create an entirely original atmosphere. The key to success is to find the perfect balance. According to Jankowski, incorporating elements of both historical and modern design into a single space results in a distinctive look that is also more varied.

Avoiding monotony and working to create a therapeutic equilibrium in design are both achieved by incorporating vintage and modern elements. Too much of either vintage or modern can make a space feel not comfortable enough.

#2. Bathroom Bliss Trends

Bathroom Bliss Trends

Bathroom design trends are important too. There has been an increase in the number of people looking for some info on shower bombs and home spas. There has been an increase in the number of property owners searching for fancy bathroom routines as well as doorless or walk-in showers on Pinterest. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is in desperate need of a full redesign or you’re just seeking to add some new products to your routine. In 2023, people will spruce up both their bathrooms and their self-care routines with new trends.

#3. “Weirdcore” Is Not Weird at All!

Weirdcore interior

When it comes to interior design, you can easily embrace the most bizarre trends possible. This must-have look is weirdcore. It features colorful artwork and accessories. Pinterest experts look for weird wallpaper, decor pieces, and bold colors.

According to Jankowski, weirdcore is about celebrating the “eccentric parts of your personal style.” Those parts that you “would’ve hidden in previous years.” As society progresses, so does the way individuals express themselves and the way they embrace their creative side in the places where they spend most of their time.

#4. Environmentally Conscious Gardening

Environmentally Conscious Gardening

People are also interested in environmentally friendly trends of cultivating plants, such as collecting rainstorm water and installing the perfect plants that can thrive in arid environments. Saving water in your garden can easily make the process of improving its look even more environmentally friendly. Drought-tolerant landscaping means that your garden can be even more beautiful with water conservation.

#5. Front Porches Are Back!

A house with a front porch

In 2023, front porches are expected to become popular again. Pinterest will be full of trends for updating your entryway with countless designs, ranging from the look of your front door to the decor of your foyer.

Jankowski attributes the renewed focus on entryways to the way people shop. E-commerce has made finding exactly what we want easier. It has also become easier to personalize our lives, including the front door – the first place seen by visitors.

Getting ahead of the curve in interior decoration will be a piece of cake if you do your research and consider the Pinterest predictions listed in this post.