Famous Interior Designer Tara Bernerd Gives Simple Home Makeover Tips

During her two-decades-long career, Tara Bernerd has helped some of the richest and most famous people in the world design their homes and workplaces. Her latest project is the Thompson Hollywood, a luxurious hotel on Wilcox Avenue, just north of Sunset Boulevard, which is expected to become the next go-to destination in the heart of Los Angeles.

Interior Designer Tara Bernerd
Three Tips From Tara Bernerd

However, her knowledge isn’t exclusively reserved for the rich and famous. She recently decided to give homeowners simple design tips that will allow them to give their houses or apartments a luxurious vibe.

Texture Is Everything

According to Tara Bernerd a successful interior design is an amalgamation between space planning and texture. She says that seductive fabrics are really important for the overall ambiance of a property because they create a sophisticated contrast that feels luxurious and elegant.

An interior design with a different combination of textures
Invest in the Right Lighting

Bernerd says that the joy of interior design is directing the way spaces change to suit different periods of the day. Since more and more people are working from home, she believes that choosing the right type of lights can help homeowners create a bright working environment during work hours and a more relaxed and chill mood for the end of the day.

An interior with huge windows and complementary lighting fixtures
Focus on Storage

Tara Bernerd shares that very few people achieve a truly minimalist way of life, which is why storage is an essential part of all interior design projects. She uses bookcases and library walls to help her customers display their most prized possessions. For less attractive, but essential items, she goes with beautiful credenzas or cupboards.

An interior with stylish storage furniture

Living in a home that is practical and luxurious doesn’t always mean spending a ton of money. Sometimes it’s more about choosing the right colors, furniture, and lighting fixtures. When properly combined, they can give even the most basic properties a stylish and chic appearance.