3 Retro Home Design Styles That Are Making a Steady Comeback

Boredom may not be the main cause of your mid-quarantine home makeover: Denverite Allie Sutterer believes that some people simply desire more intimate surroundings. She advises that your house should be the location where you feel most honestly yourself. Sutterer created an Instagram account where she offers decor in summer 2020 because she believes antiques have more character than IKEA. Sutterer isn’t the only secondhand curator who has gotten bigger in the last 12 months: In April, the online company Here on Heaven established a store in Capitol Hill, and Meek Vintage, based in RiNo, recently launched a second site in Country Club. Here are a few of the retro styles that more and more homeowners are now going with.

#1. Mid-century Modern

A mid-century modern interior
The form-follows-function style, which emerged after WWII, combines no-frills materials (such as wood, leather, acrylic, and plastic), designs ranging from organic curves to light-as-air peg legs, and smart bursts of vibrant color.

#2. Art Deco

an Art Deco interior

The flashy retro glam of the Roaring ’20s was combined with modern, geometric features to create this style. Consider geometric patterns, zigzag, and stepped designs, plush velvets, and animal prints, as well as gold, mirror, marble, and lacquer finishes. Jay Gatsby would nod his head in agreement.

#3. Postmodern

A Postmodern interior

Postmodernism is defined by unexpected patterns, bright colors, and wacky, abstract retro designs that are supposed to catch your eye. Although its heyday was from the 1970s to the 1990s, it is still popular among those who enjoy a good discussion piece.

Going ‘Retro’ Is Great

Now that you know more about these types of home retro design chives, you can easily make up your mind and find the one that fits your needs and taste. Say goodbye to dull designs and go retro so that you can stand out from the crowd. This way, guests will go back in time every time they set foot into your home.