People Astonished to Discover What the Purpose of the Red Christmas Tree Light Actually Is

Pexels // Dzenina Lukac

With December starting, the festive frenzy is kicking in. While the official start might be Advent on December 3rd, many can’t resist diving into holiday decor earlier, and who can blame them? After all, research has shown that the earlier you decorate, the happier the decorations make you. The annual tradition of untangling lights and rediscovering cherished ornaments has begun for millions. And if you’ve ever pondered the purpose of that lone red fairy light, a helpful TikToker spills the seasonal secret.

Interesting Festive Discoveries

The grand Christmas decorating kickoff includes the nerve-wracking light check after 11 months of decoration hibernation. We’ve all experienced trying to coax stubborn bulbs into lighting up after spending way too long organizing your collection of lights for the tree. Yet, amidst the festive chaos, that odd red spare bulb is a mystery.

TikToker VizNelly shared the secret with the world. Turns out, that seemingly spare red bulb in your Christmas lights isn’t just a backup bulb. Swap it in for one of the regular bulbs and your normal Christmas lights will turn into flickering fairy lights instead of staying on all the time. Fans of the TikToker were shocked.

The Surprising Revelation

Half of the TikToker’s followers were surprised that more people didn’t know that was the purpose of the red bulb, while the others said it made perfect sense. After all, who would think that a differently colored bulb would change how all of the lights function?

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So if you’re someone who likes to get your Christmas decorations up as soon as possible, then don’t be afraid to change out one of the bulbs on your string of lights and wow your neighbors with your lovely blinking Christmas tree you strategically placed by the window.

Why Jelly Nails Are Popuar Right Now, and How to Get the Look at Home

With time, our nails can become less shiny and more fragile. However, there’s a solution – jelly nails. This trend looks as if you painted petroleum jelly onto your nails. It’s perfect for covering dry, cracking nails and can make them smooth and hydrated. Find out how to get the look!

The New Trend: What Are Jelly Nails and How to Get the Look At Home
Jelly Nails

What Are Jelly Nails?

The jelly trend became popular in 2018 and is constantly making a comeback. The term ‘jelly’ comes from the translucent, bright color. The lip-gloss-like wash of color makes nails look fresh and youthful. Also, it is more translucent than regular polishes, making them perfect for people who don’t like bold or dark colors. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on special polishes to achieve the jelly look. You can mix clear nail polish with the colored nail polish of your choice.

A Perfect Choice

The older we get, the more often we notice our nails form ridges and our cuticles need hydration. It makes our hands look dull and dry. Dr. Dana Stern, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System says, “The glossy texture of jelly polishes distracts from any age-related hand issues like crepey skin and nail ridges in the nails.”

Pretty in Pink

A Perfect Choice

These are the perfect shade of pink as they are not too bright or too pale either. To get the look, you can apply one coat of a clear base coat first. Then, mix 1-3 drops of pink nail polish into a clear nail polish. Shake well and paint two coats on each nail. Finish with a top coat.

Sassy Specks

A Perfect Choice

This is a unique spin on the trend. Again, start with one coat of a clear base coat. You can either buy ready-to-use jelly polish or make your own by mixing 1-3 drops of each color into a bottle of clear polish. Paint each nail with two coats and let them dry. Finish with a top coat.

Marvelous Marble

A Perfect Choice

Although it looks hard to achieve, this marble design doesn’t even require tools! Simply start with one coat of a clear base coat. Put two coats of jelly polish, use a lighter jelly polish, and then swipe on in random patterns to create the marble look. Let dry, and then apply another coat of the light color. Finish with a top coat.

Lovely Lavender

A Perfect Choice

Whether you choose a light and dreamy color or a more dark and edgy shade, lavender is always a good idea. To get the look, start with one coat of a clear base coat. Then, paint ½ of each nail vertically with a lavender jelly polish. You can also apply a coat of shimmer jelly polish. Let dry and finish with a top coat.