How to Incorporate the Perfect Beach House Design Into a Property

No matter where you’re located, having a beach house style incorporated into your property can be ideal. It’s an easy way to refresh your property and it’s a classic style that has continued to evolve over the years into one that is more personal and organic yet also laid-back. Before you assume the style just incorporates a bunch of blues and whites, check out some of the key elements you should be including in your home.

A beach house-inspired interior design

Combine Neutrals and Texture for a Beach House Style

The goal of a beach house theme in a property is to have a summery interior. To achieve this, you’ll need to work on incorporating a neutral palette and some texture. It’s crucial to heighten the texture and liven up the space to give your eye the chance to wander. These simple details can make anyone look twice and give off the ideal beach vibes.

Don’t Forget the Linen

Linen is key for summer and what better way to get the summer or beach feel than by adding a few linen pieces? This material filters light that practically no other fabric can do. It works for a window treatment, it naturally wrinkles, and it gives off an effortless look. You can use it as a slipcover for your sofa or get linen sheets. Cotton is another fabric that can work wonders for your beach house theme.

When All Else Fails, Choose White

A home interior incorporating white and shades of blue
White is a color that can make a small space feel bigger, airer, and fresher. If you have dark floors, you can contrast them with white. It’s the perfect accent color, and it goes with everything. Plus, it’s one of the key colors for a beachy theme.

Combine Wood and Glass

Combining elements like wood and glass can create the ideal modern and fresh look for your home. It’s the juxtaposition of it all that works.