Mantlescaping: Useful Tips on How to Style Home Accessories

Interior design of a living room with a decorated mantlescape

When it comes to home decoration, the world of interior design has done wonders in segmenting each area of the house and having a fancy term for everything. One of those is mantlescaping. So, what is it, and how to arrange your accessories like a pro? Let’s dive in!

What Is Mantlescaping

A mantlescape up close
If you’ve ever heard of tablescaping, which is the art of creating mesmerizing table settings, then you can probably guess what mantlescaping is. It’s the art of arranging decorations above your fireplace. No matter your style preferences, mantlescapes are all about showcasing your favorite items to add texture and color to this part of your home. Even if you don’t have a fireplace that needs decorating, mantlescaping also works for sideboards, shelves, and virtually any other area against a wall.

The Rule of Three

Book shelf decoration
In mantlescaping, the golden rule of three plays a major role. To create a stylish yet personalized mantlescape, you need to play with height, shape, and texture. It’s important to opt for accessories that have a common pattern or color to keep things uniform yet exciting. You can stack your favorite books on your fireplace mantle and use the height to place smaller trinkets so they don’t get lost among taller decorations. You can also use vases, prints, and mirrors to add extra height and depth to your mantlescape.

Works for All Seasons

A mantlescape suitable for all seasons
Mantlescaping isn’t just a spring or fall trend. Mantlescapes for Easter and summer are just as awesome as ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can experiment with different setups based on the season and make things more interesting around the house. For example, you can add colorful flowers and trailing plants in the warm months and choose berry and orange accents in the winter festive season. Whatever you do, however, make it your own. Showcase what you love and what matters to you. That’s what will make your mantlescape truly special. You got this!