The Living Wall Is a New Trend That Brings Nature Indoors

It’s undeniable that houseplants have been a trend for the longest time, especially so with the growing popularity of biophilic design and the resurgence of the indoor jungle look from the ’70s. So, people are now increasingly interested in incorporating nature into their homes, and one of the latest houseplant trends is the living wall.

A Living Wall Is a Big New Trend

A Living Wall

The unique structures are an innovative way of combining interior design and nature, bringing living art into the home. Living walls are typically seen in outdoor settings or commercial spaces such as hotels and restaurants. However, they have become increasingly popular in residential spaces in recent years. Despite their intricate appearance, they are relatively easy to install and maintain.

A living wall is an installation of plants on a wall or structure, also known as a plant wall, green wall, or vertical garden. It features plants positioned closely together to create an attractive display of greenery. The plants are planted in a growing medium that is not visible and are often irrigated using a system, particularly for large living walls.

Installing a living wall in a home, like other houseplants, can enhance physical and mental well-being. Studies have shown that plants can boost productivity, improve mood and purify the air, among other benefits. For those with limited space, it is a great solution to incorporate plants into the home without taking up valuable floor or shelf space. All that is required is an empty wall.

Many Types of Living Walls

A Living Wall Outdoors

Beyond the numerous benefits, living walls are also visually stunning. They elevate the display of houseplants to a new level, blending art and nature in an extraordinary way that will make a strong impact on a home. A few different options exist to incorporate a living wall in a home. One popular option is panel systems, which make use of a solid structure to hold plants on a wall. These can be purchased from experts or created at home using wooden pallets and fabric. Another option is felt systems, which are suitable for smaller-scale projects and utilize a felt hanger with pockets for plants.

Trellis systems are also available, which are used to create a cohesive green wall with vining or trailing houseplants. Additionally, container systems, which consist of individual pots attached to the wall, are a practical choice for residential spaces. These can be easily created by hanging pots from towel rods, peg boards, or wire wall grid displays.

A Living Wall

When considering a living wall for a residential space, it is essential to ensure proper installation to prevent moisture from causing damage to the walls. This may involve implementing measures such as placing plastic sheeting between the wall and plants or using watertight containers for each plant. It is important to take the necessary steps in the initial setup to prevent potential issues down the road.

It is crucial to select the appropriate plants for a living wall in order to ensure its longevity. Grouping similar plants together and taking into account the lighting available in the space is a good strategy. It is important to choose plants that can thrive in the specific light conditions of the wall and to make sure that all plants on the wall have similar watering needs. In case of low natural light, adding grow lights can be considered.

Oprah Highly Recommends Two Pairs of Unappealing Yet Popular Sandals

Once upon a time, everyone thought that the Birkenstocks took the cake as the unappealing summer poolside footwear. This year, the cloud slides that went viral on TikTok gave them a run for their money. Even though the slippers can be considered rather unappealing, apparently, they’re quite comfortable. Oprah Winfrey even went so far as to recommend two pairs that she owns and loves.

Oprah Winfrey Oprah Loves These Sandals

The last two years of fashion trends and shopping lists were all about comfort. Oprah is continuing the trend by putting two pairs of these trending slippers on the list. She compares walking in these slippers to walking on pillow-like clouds. Ones made by APL and others by Roam, these slides aren’t too much to look at, but they have Oprah’s seal of approval, which means a lot.

APL Luso Slides

APL Luso Slides Oprah recommends wearing these slides around the house after an intense workout. In her words, they hug the soles of your feet because of their special contouring. These open-toed slippers have a rubber sole and a quilted footbed and strap. Available in dark green, champagne, and blue on Amazon, they’re not very easy to pair with outfits, but it’s all about comfort. Unisex sizing is available so couples can match!

Roam’s Puffy Slides

Roam’s Puffy Slides Winfrey says these puffy slides are a dream to wear and that their comfort factor lives up to their name. She’s impressed with the pillowy cushion that feels as if it was sculpted for one’s feet. It’s also important to point out that they’re fully man-made and vegan. The soles are made from Bio Eva which is made of sugar cane, so kudos for using sustainable and renewable materials! The moisture-wicking neoprene footbeds help to keep the feet dry. The pillowy strap was designed for comfort and this model is available on Amazon in the black/tan combo, light sage, and nude.