The Most Popular and Inspirational Kitchen Paint Color Trends

Which are the best kitchen paint colors is certainly up for debate with some people considering warm reds to be perfect for appetite and others suggesting crisp white to make the space look cleaner. Still, anyone should know which is the perfect kitchen paint color for them, and it should be one that makes them happy, as well as those who enter it. So, people who want to refresh their kitchen should consider the most common recent trends for kitchen paint colors.

Choosing an Interesting Kitchen Paint Color Is Very Important

A woman choosing a color for a kitchen

People who are not sure what shade they’re looking for can consider the latest kitchen paint color trends as a helpful place to start. They range from moody blues to soft neutrals.

Warm White and Soft Pink Are Always a Good Idea

One can never go wrong by picking the classic warm white. It can be applied to any interior design and is a great way to get away from the gray and beige wall colors. To keep the kitchen from looking too stark with white paint colors, soft color cabinets can be introduced, and that will even add more dimension to the space.

A kitchen with warm white colors

Another way to do something fresh and playful but not overwhelmingly so is to use soft pink. It should be the perfect combination of a muted and bold pink. It should not be too much and not too little. Apparently, the shade adds youthfulness and vibrancy to a room without going too far. This color is also common for kitchen cabinets and creates a unique kitchen space.

Sage Green & Earthy Terracotta Can Be Used Anywhere

The soft green shade is actually a great interior design trend that has been used for a while now. It has a certain versatility and gives the color lasting power. Sage green can match any design style, especially natural, minimalistic, and Scandinavian designs. It’s a calm and earthy color and creates a serene and neutral aesthetic.

A kitchen with sage green colors

Earthy terracotta shade is about as versatile as sage green as a kitchen color trend. It’s great for people looking to add an earthy color to a more minimal design aesthetic. This shade and other earthy neutrals also combine great with natural wood cabinetry and help connect the home with the outdoors. Apparently, warm neutrals pair amazingly with leather, black, and white accents.

Moody Shades of Blue or a Sleek Black Color Are Ideal

There is also the cooler side of the color spectrum with colors like deeper, moody blues and rich blue shades that give different vibes throughout the day. Blue is sometimes even associated with black, especially during certain parts of the day. One rather unique shade is that of a purple eggplant.

A kitchen with moody blue colors

People who love the modern, luxe style, can consider sleek black colors for their kitchen paint color. A kitchen design can revolve around black paint and natural white oak and it will give the entire space a sleek look. Contrast with other kitchen features should be sought out, like gold marble.

Whatever the case may be, there are many available paint color options for people who want to have a kitchen that reflects themselves or their brand. What matters the most is that every kitchen should be designed with a focus on both utility and looks.