6 Items That Can Be Removed to Avoid Clutter in the Garage

a cluttered garage

Having a garage is convenient. It provides covered parking for your vehicles and also additional storage space outside your main living areas. However, many garages are often used as dumping grounds for items that cannot be stored elsewhere. It’s also way too easy to let garage clutter build up until lawn equipment, leftover project materials, and sports equipment take over. Here are some items that can be immediately purged.

1. Old Pieces of Fitness and Sports Equipment

Old Pieces of Fitness and Sports Equipment

The most common causes of garage clutter are pieces of sports and fitness equipment. Maybe it’s time to get rid of those old bats, bikes, dumbbells, rackets, and other pieces of equipment if they are only gathering dust in your garage. One thing you can do is donate them to a community recreation center or any kind of charitable organization that accepts sports equipment.

2. Worn-Out Landscaping Tools

Worn-Out Landscaping Tools

Maybe it’s time to get rid of that rusty shovel, dripping garden house, or malfunctioning lawnmower. You should be honest about what can be repaired, replaced, or needs to go in the trash pile when deciding what to do with such tools that are not frequently used. As a general rule, you can dispose of the old tool if you have already replaced it with a new one. Consider giving any working tools to a charity, community garden, or educational institution.

3. Damaged Holiday Decorations

Damaged Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are only displayed for a few months. However, there is no need to keep hold of damaged light strings, leaky lawn inflatables, and more. The best option for getting rid of them is to donate them. Before throwing something in the trash, you can call your local recycling center to see if the stuff can be recycled.

4. Old Pieces of Furniture Kept in the Garage

Old Pieces of Furniture Kept in the Garage

Older pieces of furniture that you no longer have room for might be relegated to the garage as you update your living space with new ones. Be proactive about selling or donating that chair or dresser rather than letting it sit around unused. You can also ask a family member to keep the item if it is a family heirloom and you want to keep it until you free up more storage space elsewhere.

5. Leftover Construction Materials

Leftover Construction Materials

Purchasing extra construction materials for your project is a good practice. However, if you are still keeping extra materials after a few years, you might want to think about whether there is something you want to store in your garage, other than materials that you might not use. Construction companies are always interested in donated building materials.

6. Kids’ Toys That Are No Longer Used

Kids’ Toys That Are No Longer Used

The toys your children have left behind can surely take up valuable space in your garage. Whether your kids have grown up or they are no longer interested in them, one thing you can do is place anything you want to keep in bins and decide which toys can be donated, given to another family, or even sold. Unfortunately, some toys can be difficult to be recycled because they often contain a wide range of materials and parts that are not easily separated.

Nicola Peltz Married Brooklyn Beckham in a Valentino Bridal Dress

Recently, Nicola Peltz got married to Brooklyn Beckham, after a long engagement. The couple’s Big Day was in her parents’ Palm Beach estate and she was looking like she had come straight out of a fairytale in her bridal outfit. Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz

The Design Team

The bride-to-be collaborated with the design team at Valentino to get her dream bridal look. Part of the team was also the creative director of the label, Pierpaolo Piccioli. It took one year to create the stunning piece for Nicola Peltz, as well as two trips to Valentino’s headquarters in Rome and additional two fittings in the US.

Bridal Look by Valentino

The 27-year-old bride donned a classic haute couture wedding dress with a sleeveless square neckline, a cathedral-length train, and matching gloves, as well as a long French lace veil. Peltz told Vogue that it was a no-brainer to choose Valentino for her wedding day because she is a long-time fan of the label and Piccioli’s work. She even sported Valentino for 2021’s Met Gala.

Leslie Fremar, her stylist, said the final product was a work of art, thanks to the simple fabric of the dress and the lace overlay. She also commented that the simplicity of the dress was magnificent and they even removed the embroidery because it didn’t need much detail.

The Inspiration

Nicola Peltz took the inspiration for her bridal look from Claudia Schiffer and Brigitte Bardot for a half-up, half-down hairstyle. She achieved that with the help of her hairstylist, Adir Abergel. The stylist later told Vogue that the actress is like her little sister who annoys her but who’s also the best. Peltz kept on sending her rad images of early Schiffer, including such with bangs. They were the inspiration behind the bride’s look.

A Chanel makeup artist, Kate Lee, was the one who enhanced the bride’s natural beauty on the wedding day. The look was very fresh and natural, but with a few little details to pop under the veil. The idea was to show off her natural features but also do something a bit more modern and unexpected.